1. My lingerie fetish

    9/24/2018: Nearly 40 years ago I began to get turned on by lingerie especially pantyhose. One night I had slipped my hard dick into the legs of my Mom's hose she had placed jn the dirty cloths pile. The silky texture got me hard and excited. I had taken my cock out of my jeans and slipped my throbbing dick in to the legs and started to stroke myself. I only was able to stroke myself a half a dozen times when my cock exploded. At first the sensation startled me, later I stroked myself off into one of her bras and I was addicted to the feeling. Within just a few months I had began to cum 3 to 4 times read Sex Story
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  2. Rebellious Teen

    9/24/2018: We all go through phases in our life and she was in her carefree experimental phase and surfing the net for exciting content hoping that the stories she read here would help to spice up her life and perhaps stay single for a bit longer so she could enjoy who and what she wanted to experience. Still, in her late teens and now a rebel at heart, she found herself once again out of the house read Sex Story
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  3. You Want It? You Got It

    9/24/2018: Something about people watching always kept Sir interested in a way few things did these days. There are stories hidden away in the finer details of an individual's appearance if only one takes the time to observe. The tired office worker who missed a spot shaving, also missed wiping off his lovers' lipstick. Or the sexy school teacher who dresses to the nines, but walks like she hasn't read Sex Story
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    9/24/2018: To the greater Boston general public it was simply a small little known quite private night club located in the back part of Roxbury called The Black Rooster Bar. While in local Gay Community circles, insiders called this private by membership only pub, THE BLACK COCK CASTLE! When first learning about it from a new CD sister named Mary Beth I just met online last July, I found myself immediately interested for one very good and powerful reason. Yes like most white gay Cross Dressers, my favorite Sexual Fantasy involved fully serviceing a Truly Majestic Black Dick which never failed to exc read Sex Story
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  5. Birthday Trip

    9/24/2018: It was when we were celebrating my 16th birthday that Mum told me that we were going to Spain on holiday. Mum had decided since this birthday was a big milestone for me that we should truly celebrate.. Mum made all of the arrangements for the accommodations at the 5* Hotel, On the plane, Mum told me that we had reservations for a Jacuzzi suite for the entire week. It did not surprise me about the room as Mum always liked nice the best. I began to suspect something was up while on the plane. We were watching the movie and Mum asked the flight attendant for a blanket. Mum took the blanket read Sex Story
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  6. Perfect Revenge on my EX BF with his Mom

    9/24/2018: When people first see me, no one makes eye contact... guys or girls... young or old. The first thing they look at... usually unable to stop staring at is my tits... which come from a long line of big tits (my mother, my grandmother, my great-grandmother all are skinny (I'm 126 pounds and 5'4") and huge breasted (I'm a 38DD))... part of my Latina heritage. Now although I have a great body with a small waist and a tight ass (I run every morning, and I tan every chance I get), I have a tough time holding onto a man. Maybe it's the fact that I'm an extreme introvert. When I mention this c read Sex Story
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  7. shower session and piss...

    9/24/2018: I have always liked a little something sliding in and out of my ass as I masturbated and I eventually found, as I got the larger dil's inside me, I could not only coax out a couple of good voluminous squirts of cum with proper placement and pressure of the dildo, but I could also cause multiple spurts of piss when everything aligned just right. That release felt just fucking amazing. Sort of like a mini anal orgasm is the only way I could describe it as it gave me spasms. I would purposely keep a full bladder if I new I was going to be playing later and would hold it as long as I could while read Sex Story
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  8. A Femme Domme Tale

    9/23/2018: Author’s Note: I’d like to thank my friend and editor Jim (Mojavejoe420) for all of his help. ********** “Do you ever think about me dominating you in the bedroom?” I witnessed the shocked look in his eyes. “Why in the world are you bringing this up?” It was all I could do to not burst out laughing. Greta Perhaps I should start from the beginning, let’s say, two years ago. I have to admit, our read Sex Story
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  9. Football and a Blowjob 02

    9/23/2018: Thanks for the nice comments from my last story - hope you enjoy this continuation. *** Tom rolled over in bed and pulled the covers up, when he felt a warm firm body spoon him from behind. He smiled sleepily, grabbing Jason's arm and pulling it around his torso. Jason cuddled in and gently kissed the back of Tom's neck, causing goosebumps all over his body. Jason felt Tom's cock harden and press read Sex Story
    Categories: Gay, Author: byava23, Source: Literotica
  10. An Evening to Remember

    9/23/2018: I’ll start by telling you that at the time of this incident, I lived alone. My boyfriend and I had planned to go out to a very smart restaurant that evening as it was our first anniversary together. It was a dinner-date celebration. As I didn’t expect to see him until much later, I decided to take the few hours before he arrived just for some " me time " . I turned on the TV and started read Sex Story
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