1. A Young Man Needs Discipline

    3/24/2018: Adam awoke late on Sunday with a large headache and remembered what he could of the previous night. He’d had lots of friends over, and the party had become an orgy of beer, overturned flower pots, broken bottles, and spilt glasses of overproof rum. Adam tried to clear his head. The mob of the night before had been replaced by complete solitude; his stepmother was out in Calgary, and he was read Sex Story
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  2. Seducing the Pizza Boy

    3/24/2018: It had been a somewhat stressful week. I work as an international antiques dealer, you see. My work takes me all over, with a lot of tiring travel. As I near fifty, it is getting noticeably harder. Having said that, I do keep myself in excellent shape with a lot of working out and expensive beauty therapies, and my mind remains sharp and youthful due to my fine lifestyle and intellectual pursuits read Sex Story
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  3. Christmas in April

    3/24/2018: April awoke to the sound of a winter wind blowing outside her window. She shivered a little at the sound, then sat up and took a couple deep breaths. To her relief, she didn’t cough and her lungs felt more or less clear. After checking her temperature to confirm that her fever was gone, April jumped out of bed and stretched. “It’s over,” she said aloud to the empty room, “That fucking read Sex Story
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  4. Lusty fuck with my Chubby indian maid

    3/24/2018: hi my dear hot men and women readers of sex stories. I am one among you , sex addict ,love pornography ,love admiring women totally ,her character ,body ,lust, love women in all ways .everything is sexy about women from eyes ,hair to toe .I cannot be without releasing my sperms at least 4 or 4 times a week I am married and rich ,happy with family ,but still want more. love to try everything kinky ,new women ,sex in terrace ,garden ,car ,porn type role play ,beech etc .bad luck my partner is least interested about all this .i was looking for someone of my wave length to spill all my lust I read Sex Story
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  5. Sex Club 7 - Chapter 1

    3/24/2018: Sex Club 7 - Chapter 1 "Hi Hannah," said Jo as she as she woke from her bunk in the LA apartment the lived in. Jo raised herself from her bed and appeared topless in front of her surprised friend. "It's OK Hannah we've both seen them before," explained Tina, with her roommate Rachel standing astride her. Hannah then returned her puzzled gaze at Rachel and Tina wondering when they saw them. Jo's breast wasn't the biggest of the four girls but were very firm. Rachel then proceeded in unwiring her bra. While Tina pulled off her sports top unveiling her also small firm breasts her and J read Sex Story
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  6. Changing Mr Robertson

    3/24/2018: Mr. Chris Robertson was the new manager of the family business, taking over from his father at the helm of the manufacturing company. He liked the position of power and the benefits that came with the position. He had a nice new sports car, a townhouse where he could entertain, and an unrestricted credit card. He was also a complete Ass. Chris's favorite form of entertainment was to visit read Sex Story
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  7. Lingerie Shopping

    3/24/2018: My boyfriend's birthday is coming up soon and I wanted to wear something sexy for him so I went out shopping for an outfit for dinner and some sexy lingerie for after. I really enjoy shopping and I was having fun hitting different stores in search of the perfect outfit. Once I'd found a sexy looking blue dress with a very short skirt. I tried the dress on and loved the way it hugged my body. The read Sex Story
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  8. Wet Poet Society 1

    3/24/2018: It wasn’t going to be a productive morning, that much Mary knew the moment she had struggled her way through the first lonely sentence of her newest book project. Most of the time she loved working in the morning when her brain was still well-rested and the ideas fresh and not even the beautiful nature around her house had woken up, but then there are exceptions to every rule and this day looked like one of them. Staring at the notebook screen on the table in front of her she sighed and leaned back in a last attempt to focus, but the ideas she had fallen asleep with had vaporized. Of course i read Sex Story
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  9. The Beginning

    3/24/2018: She sat on her bed wearing just her blouse and panties. The room was lit by only the burning logs in the fireplace and the soft music made her lose herself in a sort of self-induced trance. She heard soft footsteps but feeling so relaxed thought, it was her husband and stayed as she was. Even as she realised that it was not him, she felt safe as the large gentle hands laid on her shoulders and started the sensuous massage. She slowly drifted into the fire, with all its pictures in the burning grate, as the hands gently massaged and pulled at her shoulders. It felt so cool, so wonderful she kne read Sex Story
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  10. Nikki – My New Neighbour

    3/24/2018: It was hard work for a single girl to move in on her own. She needed a man to help her. But wasn’t I too old? I was working nights, so I was in bed still regenerating myself for the night’s boring shift at the fun factory. Well that’s what the women there liked to call it. However, I was awoken by the sound of a large lorry reversing up my driveway. “Stand clear… vehicle reversing…” read Sex Story
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