1. Sex with Mother Pt. 02

    Date: 3/14/2019, Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: bystockingking, Source: Literotica

    today when I could do it again." "Please mother, I want you to be part of this". Mother dried her eyes and looked at me, noticing my tented pants. "I see you agree to having sex with your sister". "Well, I kept my promise to you and I never started anything with Sissy but now that it's happened, yes, I'd like more. She learned a lot by watching. I liked what she did. I actually thought it was you." "Thanks bro" Sissy chimed in. "I take that as worthy praise." She went back over to mother, "I've always fashioned myself after you. I walk like you, hold myself like you, people even say I even sound just like you. I've always wanted to be like you and now I want to be part of this, just like you. Please mother, I want you to say is that you're okay with me being a part of this family affair." Mother sighed and said, "Okay but you have to share". I saw a slight smile cross mother's face. Sissy was grinning from ear to ear. "Thank you mother" she said as she kissed her on the cheek. "Come on bro, we've got things to do". I guess everyone just assumed that I was available as their favorite fuck toy. I can live with that!