1. Pleasuring a Granny Ch. 4

    Date: 3/14/2019, Categories: Fantasy Lesbian First Time Incest / Taboo Straight Sex Oral Sex / Blowjob Author: teufelturm, Source: sexstories.com

    have some friend over because there was a strange car parked there. As they came from the entrance hall into the living room they entered a scene from a porn movie. A naked woman with legs wide apart was on their dining table being fucked by Tony, what was worse was that Brian had his cock sliding in and out of his son's anus. Before anyone had time to react the door of the downstairs toilet opened behind them and a voice said: "Hello then, have we got fresh recruits? You're good for surprises Brian; I didn't think you could get hold of any talent at such short notice. I want to fuck the tall blonde girl first, come here love, and let me help you to get that kit off." Carol's arm was grasped and she felt herself being pushed towards the couch she turned to see a huge naked man one hand on her arm and the other trying to grab Pauline. He didn't get far, there was a dull thud, he dropped like a stone, and Brenda said. "Time to leave girls." She threw the marble bust at an advancing Brian, grabbed a terrified Carol as Jean and Pauline ran for the front door. Brenda and Carol kicked off their high heels, sprinted down the drive to Jean's car and out into the street they went. "No one will chase us for a few minutes ...
     Jean; they have to put some clothes on first so where do we go?" "Brenda we just have to go to the Police, That thug was talking rape, besides which I daren't even go back to my own home with Brian and Tony around. I don't trust them and I never want to see them again." The Police quickly sorted everything. Brian gave them the name of the couple and the male went into custody that same evening. Jean refused to have anything to do with her husband and stepson. Their clothing was dumped on the drive along with a couple of suitcases and the four women locked themselves in the house. The following day all the locks were changed. The house was Jean's, she had inherited it from her parents. The men's belongings were collected by a removals company on the Monday and Jean's solicitor arranged for the men to collect it. It was a messy time, but eventually the dust settled and a divorce was speedily accomplished. Carol took some time to recover from the shock of such a close encounter with forced sex, Pauline was horrified that she'd seen the man she'd hoped would take her virginity was involved in such activities, but with the help of three very close friends, the experience faded away. The End of Brenda's Story. End of Chapter 4