1. Nasty couple

    Date: 3/8/2019, Categories: Wife / MILF Your Stories Author: Anonym, Source: Free-SexStories

    Today is weekend so me and wife home. Usually we don’t wear clothes at home so that we can do anything anytime. We were drinking some whiskey she was sitting on my lap. I suddenly told her I want to roll up a joit and give smoke inside her ass gap she laughed and said okay let’s do that. First we start smoking and exchanging smoke then eating saliva from one another mouth then she laid on doggy position to do me what I wanted. I kissed on her ass chicks her ass is damn sexy and big. I spread her booty when her asshole gave me a wink. A beautiful brown ashole I put my face inside her ass gap and start smelling her ass spit directly on top of her asshole then lick it when she was smoking weed and moaned. She asked me how was it smelling today? I said just like pizza you ate yesterday. She laughed and gave me joint i toke one big puff and give smoke inside ass gap then i was looking at her ass it looks so hot smoke coming out of her ass then she call me babe and give wink and start farting. After that sound comes out i put my nose directly inside her ass for more sexy smell and I toke smell start licking her asshole and give a small fart when my tongue touched her anus. Her ass smell always makes me horny. I pressed ny tongue inside her anus she moaned i spit on it and its going down to her wet pussy licked all of it and start licking her pussy juice then we do 69 she sucked my balls and asshole. I came top her grabbed her hand on top of her head and licking her boobs together then I noticed her sweaty armpit with pubic hair. She said don’t to lick there it tickles her but i start lick her sweaty armpit. She give bite on my ear and bite on her boobs. Then i go down licking her out put one finger inside asshole. She said she wanto to smell her ass smell. I put my finger infront of her nose and then give inside her mouth she sucked and said it’s good and giggled. After that we start fucking after fucking for 40min I come inside her pussy and we felt asleep.