1. My Daughter's Scheme Ch. 02

    Date: 8/31/2017, Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: byGeneralgums, Source: Literotica

    This story has a little bdsm in it. All characters are 18+. Enjoy! *****This is all so... I don't even know... I think, watching as my daughter leaves her room and begins to make her way to the shower, leaving her phone behind. I shake my head, trying to wrap my head around how my girlfriend and daughter conspired together. I make my way out of Kira's bedroom and head to my own, wondering if I went wrong somewhere or if Susan is at fault for everything, or if I should just let this happen and see where it leads. As I begin to open my door, I hear my phone buzz twice.That's probably her now! I think, rushing to see what Susan had sent me in response to Kira's texts. I put in my passcode and immediately see the picture Kira sent Susan. Kira's pussy is full of cum, some of which has begun to leak out of her. Despite her sweaty and disheveled appearance, Kira looks as pretty as ever, her eyes full of passion. I exit the picture and see that Susan sent me a text saying,So sexy! This is making me so wet! I think how to respond for a second before replying,Really? Susan sends two words back:One sec. About 30 seconds after she sends me those words, I get a new picture, this time of Susan. The picture shows two of her fingers spreading her outer lips. Both of her fingers glisten with her fluids and it is obvious that she is masturbating. Seeing this next to the picture of Kira begins to make my cock hard again.Something has to be wrong with me! I shake my head and try to avoid ... thinking how good my daughter's tight mound feels as I sink deep inside it.Not helping!We need to talk, I sent to Susan to which she replies,I have tomorrow off. I'll be at your house. I put my phone back down on my bed and go into my shower, trying to decide if I like the developments between Kira and I. +++ I open the door and Susan embraces me in a hug, her soft breasts pressing into my chest. "How are you?" She asks, cheerful as ever. "I'm not sure." I answer truthfully. Susan frowns at me, "Let's talk inside then. Is Kira home?" I shake my head as she enters the house, "She's at work until 2. That's why I wanted to talk now." Susan nods, "We do need to talk for a bit but at some point, we're going to need to bring Kira in on this." I sigh, "That's the part of this I'm dreading." I collapse down onto the couch and put my face in my hands, feeling a confusing mixture of emotions. "So let's start with how you feel. Did you enjoy your experiences with Kira?" Susan asks, sounding genuinely concerned. I nod, "That's the issue. I really loved the sex but she's my daughter and there are boundaries that can't be crossed." Susan sighs, "Look, you are both consenting adults and clearly enjoyed yourselves. You two aren't going to start a family, your just having fun with each other!" I sigh, "But she's my daughter! You know how weird it is for me to have sex with her?" Susan gives a small nod, "Actually I do." "What?" I say, my anger fading. Susan lets out a sigh, "It's kind of like you ...