1. A close shave for our first time

    Date: 8/31/2017, Categories: First Time, Author: diamondjim, Source: LushStories

    I woke up thinking about you today and how much I enjoyed teasing and being pleased by a freshly shaved cunny for our first time together. To add to our shared pleasure, I wrote this for you. I hope it pleases you. I'm laying on the bed next to you naked, my cock is semi aroused in contact with your naked thigh. You are so beautiful, naked and totally exposed, waiting for me to shave you. had made this one request a condition for our first lovemaking. Your legs are spread wide and your soft blond pubic hair is very neatly trimmed having already used your scissors and my old mustache clippers. This will be a first for you and have said it will be as close to being a virgin, once again, with me. The shaving cream and razor are beside me on the bed. One slow swipe of my finger, down the folds of your pussy, and can feel the moisture building inside and leaking out of you. As finger continues the slow strum from your brown button to your clit my caress my starts my own heart racing and my cockhead turns purple. As bend over to lick one swollen breast, my tongue explores the small cave within your tight nipple. I have never known a woman who had such beautiful swollen nipples adorned by such a sensitive indentation. can feel my pre-cum dripping from my cockhead. There is a bowl of warm water on the nightstand to aid the process so I am ready to begin. You gently touch and caresses my arm as my hand rubs over your little pink clit, peaking out beneath its swollen hood. I watch ... your deep green eyes twinkle with delight as my gently, circulating, touch sends waves of electricity through you, increasing my own arousal. We can both smell the scent of your sexual desire in the air. Releasing your taught nipple from between my lips I move to squat between your spread legs. As I lean forward to kiss your swollen lips you lift your legs to offer me easy access to your heated sex. My tongue reaches out and gently caresses the insides of your pussy lips which now glisten with excitement. You taste like salted butter and my pre-cum now dribbles down my shaft. I then teasingly slip a small finger deep inside of you. Not enough to please but just enough to announce the pleasure that is yet to come. Your whole body goes rigid with the feeling of that entry. I remove it slowly and rub your juices across my swollen cock, protruding from my slacks. As my finger becomes coated with my pre-cum, mixing with your nectar, I then bring it to your lips. You quickly suck the juices off it in much the same way you would if I had offered you my swollen cock head. As my cock bobs in the air I run my hands up inside your legs till my two pinkie fingers enter you with a slow, deliberate, thrust. I smile as you stare into my eyes while holding your legs up high and wide to accept my digital penetration. I lay on top of your firm breast and then roll onto my side while softly whispering into your ear "I want this memory to last a lifetime". "Umm Ahh... PLEASE!" you whimper back at ...