1. Tattoo muscle

    Date: 9/10/2017, Categories: Anal, Gay, Author: MD42, Source: xHamster

    Don't know why but I have recently been finding myself attracted to men with sleeve tattoos and across their bodies.Age isn't a factor but I do like a man in good shape.I recently got talking to a man in his 50s in a nightclub. I was full of lust for him and aroused straight away ay thinking about how his body looked under his tshirt, what colour his underwear was and how stiff his cock got when aroused.I said how much I liked his tattoos and touched his arm. He told me that he had one on his stomach and a Maori band on his thigh and calf. After a couple of drinks I did blurt out how much I would like to see them. He teased me by saying maybe later.I thought I missed my opportunity when he went over to talk to some of his friends and some time later as I was leaving he must have spotted me and asked if I wanted to see his body. I nodded and we left the pub.He took me into a slecluded part of local park and lifted up his tshirt. His muscular body got me turned on and I am could not stop myself getting arroused fixated at this prime specisiman of a man. By now he would have seen my hardon bulging through my jeans. He asked if I liked his body and I said yes. He asked what I was willing to do too see the rest of his body.I said that I could maybe relive any tension he was feeling. He took control of me and told me that I would have to suck his cock for him minimum. I said yes so I pulled down his jeans and rubbed his cock through his black underwear.I kissed down his leg where ... his tattoo was and back up his other leg to the big bulge in his pants. Freeing his prick was quite a sight. A 7 inch circumcised cock that had a very thick bellend. I licked the tip and he started to moan. I lovingly licked his shaft and took his very heavy balls into my mouth. He then took hold of my head and fed his knob into my mouth and started to fuck it.My hands reached around too his bum which I groped as he thrust into my mouth. I know how to give head and realised it wouldn't be long before he emptied his balls as pre cum dribbled into my mouth.He then stopped and said a blowjob wasn't enough and needed to spank and then fuck me. I didn't turn him down and got some lube which I had in my rucksack. Firstly I was bent over and felt his firm large hand against my bum spanking me through my jeans. Then my jeans were pulled down for 10 smacks with my bum starting to warm. I knew my boxer shorts would be down to half mast around my ankles as each bum cheek was smacked until a glowing red colour emerged. I was told to turn around and lay on the grass. He pulled my legs apart and pushed my legs in the air as he eagerly entered my ass. I had to ask him to go slowly at first as his cock head was so big and needed to get use to it.After I got use to him inside me my cock was as stiff and throbbed as much as I could ever remember. I hung on to his muscle bound arms as he gained pace and pounded into me. It was all too much for me as my spunk shot out my cock and onto my belly as ...