1. Vacuum

    Date: 9/1/2017, Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: byNils Huim, Source: Literotica

    They were so soft to the touch; and yet so firm. The girls that worked for him had big, firm tits. But they were filled with silicone. These were all-natural. They were beautiful; luscious; perfectly formed. The breasts of a nubile young woman at her physical peak: 19 years of age. Or was she 20 now? Jacob—Jake—should know these things. But he'd have to take a second look at her resume. It was weird. You only had to be 18 to perform at his club—to dance nearly in the nude, in a thong and skimpy bra. But you had to be 21 to enter his club; be a patron; watch the girls; have a drink. It was like when you were a soldier in the last war. At age 18 you were deemed old enough to die on a battlefield for your country; but too young to be served a cold beer. Everything was fucked up. That 18 to 20 demo—it would kill in a city like this, what with all its colleges. He and his partner Jonah's business would probably increase by a third. Maybe more. Jake had gone from feeling her breasts to leaning kneeling down and kissing them: the smooth slopes, her erect nipples. Jake knelt on industrial-grade carpeting that looked like it hadn't been vacuumed in ten years. I'll clean it for him if he wants, she thought, sitting there on couch's edge while he kissed and squeezed her breasts. The couch was another thing. The reason she was sitting so far forward was partly because every other square inch of horizontal vinyl was covered with crap: papers, boxes, porn mags, videos (also porn). ... And the vinyl's once ochre color was toned grey with dust and dirt. How could a man who kept the interior of his big Bimmer so immaculate work in a place like this? Answer (partial): the guys down at the car wash are the ones who kept his car looking clean. Jake needed not just another dancer but a helpmate. She was good at organizing things. He could trust her. She would offer her services when the time came. She was ambitious, too—having just recently, latently, come to that realization. Maybe the partners would let her buy into the place some day. God! What would her mother have to say about that? As Jake, standing now, unbuckled his pants, he looked down at the vision of honey-blonde loveliness sprawled on his couch. What a...piece! "I can't believe how you've grown up." She giggled. "You expected me to remain small?" "No, it's just that..." Jake wore sky-blue bikini briefs under his dark trousers. The bulge at the front had a vertical seam running down it. She thought them a little on the gay side and wondered, as he prepared to lower them: I know he likes girls, but... "You saw me last Christmas," she said. "Yeah but..." His hands were at briefs' waistband. They hesitated. "You weren't naked then, were you?" "I'm still not naked. Want me to take my panties off? Is this what you call couch casting?" Jake waved a hand. "No. Leave them on. And it's not couch casting. I don't believe in that." "What do you believe in?" She was smiling up at him, genuinely. And the smile ...