1. Little One's Predicament Pt. 01

    Date: 9/1/2017, Categories: BDSM, Author: byDaddy_Daimion, Source: Literotica

    She was in for it and she knew it. Daddy had her, his little one, strapped to the padded spanking bench which was quite a rarity. Normally he would have her get on and just hold on herself. If he had her strapped down that meant he had seething, particularly vicious planned for her. The bench was facing away from the chest of all their implements, and this was the most nerve wracking part. Would it be the bead tipped flogger, or the crop, or maybe he was really angry and would use the cane. Neither of them was particularly fond of the cane, her because it just plain hurt and him because of the marking. But they had agreed that if he was going to use the cane that it would have to be set forth at the beginning. So at least the cane was out, but what could it possibly be he was planning. He hadn't seemed angry when he told he what to do. Could this all just be for show? Maybe he had found out she had played with herself in the shower? That wasn't possible though because he had been at work, but she knew he had an uncanny way of knowing these things. She could hear some things being moved around but he sure was taking his time. Then there was a loud slap right square on her ass. "I would say don't move, but I've made sure that isn't possible", he said as he moved away from her. "I'll be right back little one, I have a new present for you." Oh, she didn't like the sound of new present. New present in this situation meant something particularly nasty that he knew she wouldn't ... be fond of. He had put the bench facing away from everything, so she couldn't even see him leave or come back in. "I hope you missed me little girl more than you did while in was at work." Oh crap, busted. How he knew, she didn't know but she knew what was going to happen wasn't for her at all. His thought process was she already had her fun, now it's his turn. It's not like she even wanted to play with herself that often and it's not like she got called out on it every time ether. But it was always the risk. Hell, that was part of the fun. "So, since you are so hot and bothered Daddy doesn't even know if he can be inside you right now. So, I have something here that will cool you down for me." Ice, that didn't sound good. He knew she didn't like the thought of ice cubes, they were dirty. What the hell could he have in mind? Then there it was, god it was cold. She didn't even have the ability to complain, he had taken that away from her with the gag. He stepped in front of her, "Like your new toy? Don't worry it's not ice just a toy that can go in the freezer." She knew he could see the slight fear in her eyes but there was more there than that. There was that lust that comes with being forced to do things you normally wouldn't. She knew that would drive him on and she knew at the end of this thing she would be spent and mentally broke. But that also came with its own perk of how much love and affection he would put in to taking care of her afterwards. "Oh, can't forget this ...