1. My first time with a married couple, a real story.

    Date: 9/1/2017, Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Mature / Older, Author: freestyle2000, Source: xHamster

    For years I fantasised about group sex. I had mentioned the subject to my wife when we were first married, but was told that that was never going to happen. I forgot about it for years, but then along came the internet.I visited swinging sites looking for couples that wanted a man to join them. But most couples want to meet other couples not single men. The couples that I did contact were either time wasters or just lived too far away.Then I came across Jane and Peter ( not real names). They lived in the same town and she had photos posted showing her face and some taken outside in my home town. There are photos of her in my favourites, but not posted by me. How they came to be on this and other sites I don’t know. Hope it was with her permission?We started messaging and commenting on each others photos and what we would like to do together if we met. Got quite exciting but I thought this will just amount to nothing as usual. But the fact her photos were from my home town gave me some hope. I asked if I could talk to her on the phone, expecting the normal excuses, but was amazed when a mobile phone number was sent.I rang the number at the arrange time, expecting somebody to be mucking about. Last time I had done this a man answered and was shouting “pervert” down the phone and laughing. But when I rang the number a woman answered and it was Jane. She said that Peter and her would like me to come to their house. She gave me her address and we arranged a date and time. I was ... amazed that maybe this time it was for real.I made sure my cock and balls were freshly shaven and I had a wank a few hours before setting off to meet them, not wanting to cum in seconds and feel foolish. I also took a Viagra. So off I set quite nervous but also excited. I parked the car near to the house and sat there debating if I should go ahead with this, but my cock decided for me I was going ahead with it. LolI knocked on the door, my heart in my mouth. The door opened was it going to be another setup? But there was Jane. It was for real! I told her I was from the tax office as arranged so she knew it was me, she had never seen my face. She invited me in, we walked into her house to meet Peter. Then I was thinking what if I know Peter, do I work with him etc, etc because I had not seen any photos of his face. We walked into the room and there was Peter sitting at a table with a laptop and there was a camera and tripod setup. I did not know him or had never seen him in the town, Phew.Its nerve racking this swinging. LolWe sat at the table having a coffee and chatting for I would say 30 minutes. Then Jane asked if I would like to go ahead and have some fun, but if I just wanted to go that was ok. I said I would love to go ahead I quite liked her body and she was a really friendly person.She told me where the bathroom was to go and get ready. I walked in the bathroom looked in the mirror and thought that I had fantasised about this day and it had arrived. Part of me wanted to ...