1. SheWolf

    Date: 9/1/2017, Categories: Supernatural, Author: NatashaTsarinaErotic, Source: LushStories

    Luna The lower branches and undergrowth slapped into my chest as I ran through the dense forest. A fog was creeping up from the ground which would help me escape my followers. I stopped for a second and sniffed the cool air and licked my mouth. I could still taste the blood and as I began running again I remembered the sweet tasting flesh of my victim. Then I heard the sound I most feared, dogs. Their barking was coming from far behind me but I knew they would have no problem tracking me. I had to do something to get away, something that would throw the hunters off track. Then I saw it, the moon reflected in the water that slowly moved in front of me. The river, I ran up to the edge of the water and looked across. I could swim it, that wasn’t the problem. I was worried that the hunters would catch up with me before I reached the other side if they did they would have easy shots. I threw myself into the cold water and swam faster than I had ever done before. My legs churned as I swiftly slid across the river to the other side. When I felt stones I stopped swimming and was just about to jump up on the bank when a shot rang out. I fell to the ground as the bullet hit my front leg, just under my shoulder. I got up again and made my way into the woods, hoping that the men following me didn’t have boats. I was hurt and I knew I wouldn’t be able to run much further so I began to look for a place to hide, but I was too weak. My injured leg couldn’t carry my weight and I kept on ... falling over. In the end, I was too weak to get up so I tried to crawl but that didn’t take me very far before my eyelids dropped and everything went black. *** I woke up and saw a human man standing over me. He looked concerned and when he poked me with his walking cane I growled, hoping to scare him away. Instead, he bent down and slowly put out his hand. I sniffed it and then fell back; I was still too weak to get up. He said something and his voice sounded kind and his eyes bore no sign of danger. I realized I needed his help, so I whined a bit and licked his hand. He laughed and then bent down to pick me up. He was strong for his size and when he turned around with me across his arms and began to walk along the trail I felt safe, at least as safe as a werewolf could feel in the arms of a human. He took me to his home which was part of a tiny church. As he walked along the main street of the village people stared at us, but since no one said anything I figured they thought I was a large white dog. My fur is very fluffy and I have cold blue eyes that most of the time scared people off, which was fine since I loved the hunt. The church was warm and he put me down on the kitchen table and then went away. I had regained some strength but I thought it better to continue playing badly hurt. He might give me some food and after that, I would make my escape. When he came back he held a box, with a red cross in his hands. He put it down next to me and then took out a bottle and ...