1. Olivia's Hypnotic Confession

    Date: 9/1/2017, Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: byOliviaSparkles, Source: Literotica

    I waited, as patiently as I could, in the great room while Caleb got ready. He was my babysitter for the day, or a handler, if you will, while Mom and Frank were away. Of all my step brothers, Caleb was the oldest at twenty-seven, and ostensibly the most mature. And, given that Caleb had been a respected lightweight boxer in college, he was Frank's go-to guy to make sure the trailer trash step daughter didn't embarrass the family in the public. Of course, Caleb caused plenty of embarrassment on his own. He might have been spawned in a silver spoon environment, but every chance he got, Caleb raced to the other side of the tracks and peeled off his designer duds to start fistfights in rough bars with whoever looked at him crookedly. Lots of drinking came with the territory, but Frank Montgomery would shrug that off, boys-will-be-boys and all that jazz. I was a different story. Finally, Caleb descended the high spiral staircase. His steps were deliberate, taking care to flex his sinewy build with each movement. His abs were visible under his wifebeater, with matching tattoo sleeves running up his arms. His jeans were tight in the crotch, showing off his bulge. All calculated, naturally. He sneered when he saw what I was wearing. "Not terrible," he said. "But that complexion, geez." Caleb never failed to insult me. My simple black, straight hair was too plain. I never stood up straight. I always slumped my shoulders. And now it was my pale skin, always in dire need of a tanning ... booth. I was wearing a black halter top that showed off a hint of my midsection, along with a knee-length skirt. Function over aesthetics, you could say, because today I was getting my first tattoo. A little blue dolphin below my navel, near my hip. Cute, I thought. "Can we just go?" I asked. Caleb inspected my thighs like a butcher about to cut into an unsatisfactory piece of meat. He fished his finger under the fabric and lifted up my skirt. "Do you even go outside when the sun's out?" he laughed. I smacked his hand away. "Do you ever get tired of giving me shit?" "I sure don't, my little ugly duckling. Now c'mon. I don't feel like babysitting you all day. Let's see if you can get some ink without trying to suck somebody's—" He caught himself, then sneered again. Caleb snatched his car keys from the coffee table and walked out the front door, leaving me in silence. It always stung, you know. Their comments, my reputation. I'll spare you the details, but after high school I remained a virgin, about as sexually active as a doorknob. Not too long before Mom met Frank, I got drunk at a party and took the plunge. I fucked two guys at once that night. Right there at the house party, up in one of the bedrooms. Unlike Caleb Montgomery's family, we didn't live in big palatial villas with their long, empty hallways to muffle the sound. Half the town lived in trailers, with the others living in little mill town houses with walls as thin as tissue paper. The sex was bad, awkward, about ...