1. Erotic Massage for Stressed Ladies

    Date: 9/1/2017, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: bySlowandeasy47, Source: Literotica

    I was just sitting in Costa having a coffee when I recognised Steve coming in through the door. I had known Steve for ages but hadn't seen him for a year or so and when he recognised me he came over. We chatted about all the usual nonsense and then he just came straight out and asked me. "Say, did you ever actually do anything about that whacky idea of yours you talked about last time?" I had forgotten the conversation and that I had even mentioned the idea to anyone. "Well, actually I did." "And..." Steve was pumping me for information. I had floated the idea of becoming a masseur. The idea was simple enough. Massage parlours for blokes were springing up everywhere and my idea was to become a masseur for 'Ladies'. "I started the business over a year ago," I replied, "after taking some training and so on. I lost a bit of weight and let my hair grow for the latter day hippy look." "So...how's it going? Are you getting lots of frustrated women you lucky old bugger?" "You have to remember it's all about their pleasure, not mine. I get all shapes and sizes and a much bigger age range than you'd expect. Some just want a massage, some a more personal service." "But you get your fair share of lookers, I'll bet." "It's not just that simple." I replied, knowing that Steve would be after the full details and not let up. He was like a terrier with a rat and I knew that, in the end, I was going to have to spill the beans, so I just gave in gracefully. "You'd never believe some of it if ... I told you!" "Try me." "The first was the most awkward. I had taken a course so that I could give a really professional massage and thought I'd just work the rest out as I went along. "My first client was very nervous. She had picked up from my advert that the massage service was not the whole story and she was definitely looking for something extra..." "What advert is that then? How do you word it?" "You know the sort of thing, 'Ladies, Tired? Stressed? Need relaxation. Sensual massage etc etc' The trouble is I have to be bloody careful, I could get done for any number of sexual offences so I decided from day one exactly how far I was prepared to go and under what circumstances. "Anyway she arrived. A not unattractive forty something, quite short, dark brown hair, carrying a little extra weight, big boobs and the look of a frightened deer. I welcomed her to my studio, which is the converted second bedroom in my flat and has the advantage of an ensuite shower. I really have gone to town on it. Redecorated, soft lights, a stereo system and of course a big massage table. I set the atmosphere with candles and mirrors, you know how much the ladies like that sort of thing. "As I say, she came over all nervous, poor thing, and I tried to put her at her ease. I could tell something was up because there was a paler circle on her ring finger. Either she had had a bust up with hubby or she didn't want me to know she was married, so the ring was off. "I started to chat to her as we went ...