1. My Wife, Gladys, & I

    Date: 9/1/2017, Categories: Mature / Older, First Time, Author: DickLover59, Source: xHamster

    I had been in the kitchen preparing to make a cup of coffee when I heard the front door open and close."Hey!" I said, expecting to see my wife; and though it was her, she was not alone! With her, a younger woman followed behind her.I'd never seen this younger woman before. My wife, obviously reading my thoughts from the slightly confused expression on my face, smiled and said: "Honey? This is Trina! Trina? This is my husband."She nodded and made the comment that my wife had been right, that I was, as she put it "Very handsome!" I blushed, and gave my wife a questioning look. She smiled broadly, and said: "Trina and I have been chatting on-line for quite sometime, and since you've been such a good cuckold husband; and you haven't once complained about not getting any sex yourself, I thought you needed some sort of...'outlet'; and Trina is very, very good at sucking cock.""I'm VERY good at that," Trina said with a smirking smile.Trina, I must say at this point, was not exactly the overly 'attractive' sort of female that, by contrast, my wife certainly was. For one thing, where my wife is taller (about five foot 6 or 7), Trina was, at most, slightly over five feet; and where my wife was of a slimmer build (something like 135 pounds), Trina was...well, squat, and more than a little 'rotund', to put it mildly!I set the kettle on the stove, leaving the coffee I was going to make unmade.My wife walked up to me, and cuddling up against me affectionately (even somewhat teasingly), she ... looked up into my face, and after studying my face for a second or so, she said: "Would you let Trina suck your cock---I mean, if I asked you to?"I looked over at where Trina was still standing in the kitchen doorway. The expression on her face was one of amusement. She gave me a friendly smile as I looked back down into my wife's face. It was obvious that Trina was more than eager to suck my cock; and the fact that my wife seemed open to the idea herself, and that I had been observing a particularly strict form of male 'chastity' (going on, at that point in time, for just over a month!), I felt my cock stirring behind my zipper! The fact that Trina was by no means the most sexually attractive looking women I'd ever laid eyes on somehow made me all the more erotically excited! My wife, watching my face closely, seemed to sense this; and she kissed me on the mouth, very tenderly, and with surprising passion!"So," my wife inquired again after this short pause, "how about it? Would like for Trina to suck your cock?"She had her hand over my crotch area, and she could feel my cock stiffening behind the fabric of my jeans; and she looked over at where Trina was still standing. "I think the answer is 'Yes.' " She said, and Trina smiled even more broadly than before.At that point, my wife began unzipping my fly, and undoing my belt. As she did, my pulse was hammering away inside my chest and neck as Trina stood and watched!When my jeans and undershorts were down around my ankles, my ...