1. A Young Man Needs Discipline

    Date: 3/24/2018, Categories: Spanking, Author: Eutaxios, Source: LushStories

    Adam awoke late on Sunday with a large headache and remembered what he could of the previous night. He’d had lots of friends over, and the party had become an orgy of beer, overturned flower pots, broken bottles, and spilt glasses of overproof rum. Adam tried to clear his head. The mob of the night before had been replaced by complete solitude; his stepmother was out in Calgary, and he was king of his own castle, at least until her expected return, which was at 3:00 pm. Adam looked at the clock and saw 2:45. This was rather inauspicious, as hours would be needed to clean up, and his stepmother would be most furious when she saw the state of the house. It was a house that was new to Adam. His parents had divorced when he was very young. His father had remarried, and Adam had grown up with him and his stepmother in Toronto. Two years ago she had left his father and moved to Vancouver. Now, at the age of twenty, he had moved there to attend university, and so he was living with his stepmother Julia. What could he do? He pondered a while and decided that lying in bed with the blankets over his head was probably the most reasonable way to handle this situation. Presently, he heard the key turn in the lock, and his heart began to thump. He wondered what was in store for him when he heard the click of her heels as she ascended the wooden stairs. “Adam,” she cried, “come out here please.” Adam was petrified with fear; he was unable to move. In a moment his stepmom would burst in, ... and that was just what she did. Julia stepped boldly into Adam’s room, up to his bed, and pulled off the blankets and sheets in one swift motion, revealing Adam in a rather pathetic state, clad only in boxer shorts. Julia was an intelligent woman, who could usually keep her head in such situations, so she spoke to Adam in a strong firm voice: “I want you to get up and clean this outlandish mess, after which I shall tell you what consequences you will have to face. This clearly deserves a punishment that is fair, but even more so that is firm.” Adam had no choice but to comply. He swept, washed, scoured, fumigated, and dusted the house from top to bottom. It took four hours, and he was tired, sweaty, dirty, and not quite recovered from the Saturday night revelry. He went to the living room where his stepmother awaited him. “You look utterly horrendous,” she said in a stern voice, “Get into the shower, wash, put on a dressing gown, and report to me.” Adam did as he was told, with mounting trepidation in his heart as he considered what might be in store. In truth, he really had no idea, but his stepmom had emphasized that the punishment was to be firm. Julia awaited Adam in the living room, seated on a chair in the middle of the floor. In her early forties, she was a comely woman, a lovely brunette with a curvaceous figure, large full breasts, luscious thighs, and a beautiful round bottom. She was wearing a light blue blouse and thin cotton slacks. Adam entered the room and was ...