1. Jack and Carter: Old Friends.

    Date: 4/2/2018, Categories: Fiction , Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, First Time, Romance, Spanking, Teen, First Time, Teen, Author: StonersDoItBetter, Source: sexstories.com

    Taking a swig of his beer, Jack finishes off his bottle and tossed it into the bushes. Continuing his way down the road with Jess, his best friend. "Dude, the fuck we even doing?" Jess asks, his words slurring. "I'm just followin you." Jack says Having been drinking for the last few hours, Jack had no idea where he even was. Looking around, there's the little park consisting of a swing set, one slide, a merry go round and a a monkey bar set. The little coffee shop nobody went to. The doctors office. Wait, Jack knew exactly where he was. He spent a lot of time in this neighborhood when he was young. His parents had friends that lived over here. They had a young son, Camron. And an older daughter, Carter. Jack went to school with Carter. She had had a crush on him when they were young. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME, JESSIE?!" a women yells, derailing Jack's train of thought. It's Tiffany, Jessie's soon to wife, or so she thinks. "Tiff, go home." Jess tells her, stumbling a little. "I told you, I'd be home at 11." "IT'S 2:30 IN THE FUCKING MORNING JESSIE! IVE BEEN CALLING YOU WORRIED SICK. I'VE BEEN DRIVING AROUND TRYING TO FIND YOU!!" She continues to scream. "Tiff, I'm not a ch-" he starts puking up the contents of his stomach. Smirking, Jack says allowed, "Guess beer and ghost pepper wings aren't a good match." "Shut up, Jack! Why does he only end up like this when he's with you." Shooting daggers from her eyes at him, she gets out of the car and helps Jess, who's now on his hands ... and knees. Still puking, but, not as violently. Feeling light headed, Jack sits down. "Common Jess. You didn't even drink that much." He says. Tiffany is rubbing his back, dumping water on his head. After about five minutes of puking, Tiffany helps Jess into the car. Talking in a calm, soothing voice. Like a mother and her sick son. But, not saying anything close to what a mother would say. Mean statements. "You're so stupid." "This is ridiculous." "You're ignorant." She repeats these same statements while getting him buckled in and then climbing in herself. They pull away, leaving Jack alone under the busted street light. The only busted one. Getting up, Jack wonders down the road. Closer and closer to the home he spent so much time at as a child. When did he stop going over there? 12? No, he went to Carter's party at 13. Just after that. Carter started putting on weight, and hung out with the weirdest people. Francine, who moved here from Las Vegas, NV. She shaved her head completely bald. And when it grew, she'd dye it some weird color and shave it. So it was colored stubble. She was a good singer. And kinda pretty. If she didn't dress like a man and act like one. And Terry. She was a straight up bitch. Didn't give a fuck. She'd scream at some of my friends once for joking about Carter's weight. "You stupid piece of shits," shed screamed. "You think this is funny? Fuck you all. I'll beat every one of your asses you keep it up." She punched the locker, denting it. One of the ...