1. Vicky's Retribution - Chapter Seven

    Date: 4/2/2018, Categories: Spanking, Author: SusanHarper, Source: LushStories

    Mrs Brown was rubbing her stinging bottom and stepping from foot to foot with tears streaming down her face as she looked at eighteen-year-old Lauren through blurred tear-filled eyes and was crying uncontrollably. She wasn't complaining about the spanking Lauren had given her as she accepted her right to make the decision. In fact, she wasn't complaining at all but was just struggling to cope with the stinging pain. Lauren sat with her arms and legs crossed looking up at the distraught Mrs Brown. She had never thought that she would have actually spanked the sixty-five-year-old yet Mrs Brown had eventually accepted her authority to do so. Lauren heard the front door open and moments later the door to the dining room opened and in walked her step-mum, Caroline. "Hi, mum," Lauren said happily. Caroline Paterson looked at her step-daughter with a broad grin. "You did it then? You spanked her hard." Lauren was still smiling and elated at what she had done. "Really hard, mum." Caroline gave Mrs Brown a condescending look. Her step-daughter knew that Mrs Brown had been her form teacher all those years ago at school. In fact, it was thirty-three years ago. She was now fifty-one-years old and had been at the sixth form college until she was eighteen-years-old, so the same age as Lauren was now. It had been fortuitous that she had been in the car park and seen Mrs Brown clip her step-daughters’ car. She watched as Mrs Brown got out of her car and checked Lauren's for any damage. Mrs ... Brown had indeed looked carefully and as she didn't see any damage she seemed happy enough to still park in the adjacent space and go in to the shop. Caroline knew it was Lauren's car as they were due to meet for lunch and both were going to do some shopping first. Caroline had finished and was loading up her car and knew Lauren wasn't far behind. That was how come she was by her car when Lauren came out. Caroline remembered Mrs Brown. She had had a schoolgirl crush on her and in order to have some alone time misbehaved so that she would be sent to see her in the Punishment Room. It meant she regularly spanked or caned and out of the two she far preferred to be spanked as she would have the sensation of Mrs Brown rubbing her bare bottom both before the spanking and when she rested during the spanking which she found almost as good as making out. She hated the spanking bit as it hurt so much but it was the only way to get so close to her. Getting the cane was never the plan as there was no bodily contact and much more pain. She never deliberately earned the cane but sometimes she earned too many black marks to avoid it. When Caroline saw Mrs Brown in the car park she remembered the schoolgirl crush and those erotic feelings came flooding back. However, she also thought it would be funny if Mrs Brown were on the receiving end of a spanking so she came up with the ruse. She checked Lauren's car after Mrs Brown went in to the shopping mall and saw there wasn't a mark on the car. ...