1. A Lesson with A Difference (Part 2)

    Date: 4/6/2018, Categories: Spanking, Author: Melissa_R, Source: LushStories

    The ringing of the school bell signalled the end to another day of lessons at The Grange Academy for Girls. Sue and Abi collected their books from their desks and headed down the corridor towards the main entrance. Several other girls crowded around them all trying to talk at once. Brenda Collingdale was the most boisterous making herself heard above the noise of the other girls. "Is it true you both got the strap off 'Jenny' Jennings this afternoon?" She asked Sue and Abi. "Yes," replied Sue. Wondering how the other girls knew but feeling that it was best just to admit it otherwise the questions would just persist and all sorts of rumours may start doing the rounds. "How many times?" Asked Sally Medcalf. "Six each," Sue replied. Abi kept quiet, following along beside her best friend, hoping the questions would end soon and they could get home. Going out of the main door, they headed for the school gates. "Did it hurt?" asked Sally. "Yes, it did," replied Sue. "Show us," shouted Nancy Barnsdale. "No, I'm not flashing my bum to you lot," Sue replied. "Did she pull your knickers down?" asked Judith Chambers as the girls reached the school gates. Sue ignored the question and all the girls quickly dispersed in different directions heading home. Sue and Abi walked along the footpath linking their arms together giggling. If only the other girls really knew what had taken place inside The Headmistresses Office. The spanking they had both received with the strap had hurt, but it had ... been worth it. "So, what are we going to do about the homework 'Jenny' Jennings set us?" Abi asked. On Saturday morning's Abi's parents always went into town shopping and were always gone at least a couple of hours or more. So, the girls came up with a plan where this Saturday, which was the day after tomorrow. Sue would come around to Abi's house on the pretext of doing some studying together. They would have the house to themselves and could complete the homework set for them by Ms. Jennings. The two girls were very excited about this plan. Time seemed to drag for Sue and Abi as they waited for Saturday to arrive. The next day at school, there had been a few more questions from some of the other girls about their punishment from Ms. Jennings, but the matter was soon old news and quickly forgotten and the day passed without incident. Saturday finally arrived, to the great delight of Sue and Abi. As soon as breakfast was over, Sue told her Mum that she was going over to Abi's house to do some studying with her. She quickly gathered up her school bag and rushed out of the door with her Mum's words trailing behind her, telling her: 'To make sure she behaved herself and to come straight home afterwards'. Sue smiled to herself at the thought of what she and Abi planned on doing. Arriving at Abi's house, the door was opened by Abi's Mum. "Hi Sue, Abi's up in her room if you want to go up. We'll be going into town in a few minutes." "OK, Mrs. Johnstone, thanks," replied Sue as she ...