1. Experimenting with another guy

    Date: 4/7/2018, Categories: True Story , Anal, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Author: Xxxpressive, Source: sexstories.com

    I was at a friend's superbowl party (2012), and met a guy there (Jackson) who was with his girlfriend. They were about my age and an attractive couple. Definitely the type you fantasize about having a threesome with. Even as a straight guy, this was a guy you'd consider messing around with if you were just crazy enough to ever go gay for a night. Anyway, we were all drinking of course and by halftime, most everyone was getting tipsy or beyond. His girlfriend (whom I would've gladly snuck off with in a back bedroom for 3 minutes, ripping her pants off and tonguing every inch of her pussy), made a run out into town with another girl to pick up more alcohol. I was standing in the kitchen mixing the host (good buddy of mine) a drink, and getting myself another beer when Jackson came into the kitchen to get himself a beer. I was buzzed already and pretty sure he was at that point, and he broke the ice with me, asking me how I knew the host. We talked for about another minute while I was finishing my friend's mixed drink, and we made our way back out to the patio. That minute in the kitchen with him was crazy intense though...it was the feeling you have when you're finally alone with someone you've been checking out all night and you get a chance to feel them out and make an impression that may lead to other things. I'd never felt that from another guy, it was like he wanted me, and I wanted to give him everything he wanted from me! We'd been back on the patio for a few and the 2nd ... half of the Superbowl was starting so everyone went back inside for the game. I was gonna finish my cigarette quick and head back in too. He stayed out there with me and we kept talking, and I was so hoping that we'd have enough time alone where he'd make a move on me...and I was gonna let him. We saw his girlfriend was back and I was finished with my cigarette anyway, so we headed back in to join everyone. A little time had gone by and we'd separated, I was back hanging out with a group of my work buddies. I noticed Jackson and his girlfriend we're chatting with a small group in the kitchen, and I made my way in there to get another beer and then to go use the bathroom. I was literally hunting him like he was any girl I'd be trying to flirt with, I just wasn't trying to make it obvious to anyone else. I got my beer and stopped by him briefly, making a comment about the game. I was only there for about half a minute talking to him and left to go use the bathroom. I knew he'd watch me head down the hall to the bathroom and I was hoping if he wanted to do anything that he'd break away from his girlfriend and tell her he had to hit the bathroom quick. I stayed in there about a minute after I finished peeing and then opened the door to walk out. He was standing beside the door, acting like he was just waiting for the bathroom. I was so nervous and hesitant to make any move because if it backfired and he wasn't on the same page with me, he could cause a huge scene and beat my ass ...