1. Finn's hot Mom Laura

    Date: 4/8/2018, Categories: Fiction , Oral Sex / Blowjob, Incest / Taboo, Mature / Older, Mature / Older, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Reluctance, Teen, Author: Alienlife, Source: sexstories.com

    Notice: all characters displayed in this story are a work of fiction. None of them are related to real life. Any resemblance is mere coincidence. "Finn!" Laura shouted as she entered the bathroom. "I've told you lock the bathroom when you're in!" "And I've told you to knock, mom!" Laura quickly left, but couldn't help risking a glance at his son's nude body. His cock was erect, and was almost 6 inches long. He had some pubic hair around it, but it was scarce. “What?” “What what? " "Mom!" "OK, OK I'm going!" She said, laughing. Laura left the bathroom. Finn's erect cock had made her vagina a little warm. She felt that it was wrong, but couldn't help touching herself, but only after returning to her bedroom. Laura was a divorced mother, and Finn was her only son. Her husband had split up with her 3 years ago, and she had lost track of his life now, busy earning to keep her house running. She worked really hard, and was often stressed because of the double work she had to do. Finn went to college. He was in his first year, and reached 18 about 4 months ago. "Mom, I'm out!" "Alright honey." Laura was in her early forties, and could easily attract any man she wanted. She had light blonde hair that fell halfway down her back, a perfect nose, full lips, and light green eyes. Her smile made men's groins go crazy. She had ample breasts, D-cups, she thought, and was thin enough. Her ass, though, was nowhere near thin. In fact, it was really huge, and people couldn't help looking at ... it when she wore a tight skirt or jeans. "Finn, I'm leaving!" "Alright mom!" Later that day, after work, Laura returned home at nine, and was tired down to her bones. "Finn, I'm back!" "I'm here" he shouted from the living room. Finn was in college. He had the hair and face of his mom, with the same blonde hair, and green eyes. He was handsome enough to make his colleagues crazy for him, but he never showed off much, in fact he was a pretty good and friendly guy. "Hi honey. Can we order something today? I'm too tired." "Sure. You sit, I'll order something." "Thank you." Laura loved Finn, but only in a motherly way, until that morning, maybe, when she saw his swollen dick. She couldn't help but feel attracted to that monster in his pants. Laura sat and flicked through the channels on the TV. Suddenly, she felt hands on her shoulders starting to massage her. "Relax, mom. You're tired. Let me help you with that." Laura easened up. Finn started to massage her shoulders and neck, and Laura could almost feel the dreariness drain out of her. "Lay on the sofa , mom, I'll do your back." Laura obliged. Finn's hand were working like magic, and she didn't want him to stop. Finn started to massage her back from the shoulders down to just above her ass, making sure not to do anything that'd make her uncomfortable. Finally, twenty minutes later, Finn stopped. "Thanks, honey. That felt great." Just then, the food arrived. Finn had ordered a barbecue pizza. They both ate in silence. Finally, ...