1. The Night I Boned A Lesbian

    Date: 4/8/2018, Categories: True Story, Author: r543d, Source: sexstories.com

    I was the talk of the bar crowd (Shit probably the town) for quite a while after that night I boned a Lesbian. And it wouldn’t be my first time either. I don’t quite remember the girl’s name. I never saw her shortly after that. Honestly, nobody in my inner circle had seen her after that except for a few days. For the sake of the story let’s call her Julie. On Thursday nights we all would go down to the club for karaoke where my friend Dawn was the host. There was this lesbian couple there. It was quite obvious the two were dykes. One played the dude and would dress like a guy with short hair. She was skinny, with no tits and had her hair tied behind her back with a low deep voice. Julie on the other hand was quite the Barbie doll type. A bit unusually sexy for a lesbian I might add. Julie was probably in her early 20’s (As I was in my later 20’s), with long curly hair, beautiful blue eyes, a decent rack and a tight ass. I must admit I never in a million years considered Julie to be ‘On The Table’ considering she was with her chick. In my mind, Lesbos were not at all interested in men, even though a lot I know had been with men but turned all out dyke either because some dude hurt them really bad or they just were in denial about it for a long time. Julie and I got along really well from the first time I met her. She would always act very flirtatious towards me. I really didn’t think too much of it because I thought that’s just how some women are. She liked my singing voice ... and would always put in a request for me to do songs. One night I was singing and she huddled around me, dancing around me, making mild body contact as her dyke girlfriend watched on. Again, it never really raised an eyebrow for me because of her sexuality. I would go along with it and sometimes ‘Ham It Up’ but never really tried to purposely flirt with her. We danced sometimes and I will admit there were brief moments where I’d end up getting a good stiffy as she would move about my body. On one particular night, it was business as usual at the bar. I was quite lit and would rock out a few tunes at the microphone and she would egg me on. I would purposely try not to overdo it with her in case her girlfriend would get jealous. The last thing I needed was two dykes fighting over me. After I sang one song in particular she requested I had to pee really bad. I went into the mens room to piss and a few seconds later she followed behind me and locked the door. She wasted no time whatsoever and began to undo my jeans. “What are you doing?” I said to her as she had her hand down my underwear feeling my rock hard cock. “Shhh!” she said putting her index finger over her mouth as she looked into my eyes. She then proceeded to pull out my cock and just start blowing me right there in the bathroom. “Tell me when you’re about to cum” she said as I felt her dick sucking lips engulf my Johnson. She continued to work it for a good 5 minutes before I was about to explode all over her face. ...