1. Alyssa 2... and Morgan

    Date: 4/9/2018, Categories: True Story , Consensual Sex, First Time, Teen, Teen, Teen, First Time, Teen, Author: Red Czar, Source: sexstories.com

    Alyssa 2… and Morgan After Halloween, Alyssa and I became an “official” couple. We were together for just over six months, and it was awesome. I wish I could say that meant we had sex every single day, but we didn’t. I wish I could say that meant we had sex every week, but we didn’t. We did have sex as often we could though, and that was a lot. In that time I learned a few things about Alyssa. First of all, she really did have the most amazing body. I would just lay there next to her and stare at every amazing dip and curve. The slow rise and curve of her soft, firm ass when she’d lie on her stomach. The long slow curve from her hips to her chest. The rise and fall of her breasts when she was breathing heavy. I loved to just watch her. I loved to watch her sleeping. I would trace my fingers over all of her body just to touch her, and she loved when I did that. I loved when I did that too. I would kiss and lick any place on her any chance I got, if I saw skin it was fair game. I found all the spots that would make her shiver, or tingle, or jump. I could just breathe on her neck in the right spot and she would instantly be all over me. Second, she was an extremely sexual creature. She always seemed so sweet and innocent to everyone else, even to me before we started dating, but Alyssa loves sex. Alyssa loves anything to do with sex, anything that led to sex, and any chance to experiment. We would always be touching each other. In school we would sit together at lunch and her ... legs would be rubbing up against mine. She would sneak up behind me in the halls, wrap an arm around me and start kissing on my hotspots. That was a tough and dangerous thing to do considering the schools policy on public displays of affection. She would whisper the most sexual things in my ear, and I would do the same to her. Then you have to spend the entire time in the next class just thinking about that. She always had me thinking about her. Third, Alyssa was either rebelling against her parents, or just an adrenaline junkie. We would do almost anything anywhere. She would flash me her tits at school all the time, that drove me crazy because her tits are amazing. She was a solid C cup, full and firm with these perfect nipples. Her skin was a perfect, flawless, creamy tan color, and her nipples just that much darker that made them so irresistible. Her flashing them at me when I couldn’t do anything about it was just cruel, but yes, I loved it. I would come up behind her when she was with her friends and wrap my arms around her tummy, start kissing her neck, that would make her totally lose focus on her friends. I must say that most of the time we really did seem like a normal couple, but we were always trying to turn each other on and drive each other crazy. We would also have sex anywhere we could, any time we could. There were so many hand jobs/fingering in movie theaters. There were blow jobs in cars, she really loved to suck my cock. She would just keep sucking on it ...