1. Sara

    Date: 4/11/2018, Categories: Lesbian, Author: bywriter2512, Source: Literotica

    We had been out for a few drinks, more than a few really. I invited her back to mine and to my surprise she said yes. After making her wait thirty seconds while I ran around my room, throwing clothes into a pile and moving my laptop, mouse and headphones off my bed and under it, I had been safely sheltering in the bathroom for the last two minutes. I estimated I had about a minute left before she began to wonder what I was doing in there. Checking myself in the mirror, I found I had lipstick around my mouth and on my chin. Attractive. After combing through my hair with my fingers and reapplying my lipstick, I opened the door and crept down the corridor. I had reached the door to my room now, and after just a second of hesitation I opened it. She was sitting awkwardly on the bed and looked up, blinking her brown eyes at me. I met her gaze and the air shifted, something in the air crackled between us and I no longer felt nervous, just anticipation. Sara rose smoothly and stood in front of me, then reached out and tugged at my shirt. 'Take it off'. Stunned, I searched her eyes for any trace of humour, any chance she was joking. I found none. She didn't repeat her request, just continued to look at me, her eyes boring into mine. Without quite registering what I was doing, I obeyed her, slipping my jumper over my head and dropping it onto the large pile of clothes next to me. I stood there in my bra and jeans, and for a minute I thought our eyes would stay locked forever. As if ... she had lost some sort of internal struggle she allowed her gaze to briefly dart downwards towards my cleavage and my exposed stomach. I stayed frozen while she inspected me, and there was something different in her voice when she said 'The jeans too'. I pulled my jeans off and felt exposed, her fully clothed and me in my underwear, still just standing opposite each other with no physical contact as of yet. Normally I would have felt uncomfortable but the atmosphere in the room was so heavy and there were so many questions in my mind of what was about to happen, I didn't really have time to think about it. Suddenly Sara's eyes zeroed in on something and her expression darkened, a half-smile playing on her lips. Looking behind her I suddenly noticed in the full length mirror that while pulling my jeans off one of my nipples had popped out of my bra, erect it was peeping out of the top of the cup and clearly visible to her. Mortified, I went to pull my bra up but her hand caught my arm. I took this moment to quickly run my eyes over her body, despite being fully clothed I could see the subtle curves of her form and a bolt of excitement ran through me. Looking up, Sara seemed to be able to tell what I was thinking, still holding my arm she smiled widely. 'The rest of it' she whispered, her voice shaking ever so slightly, giving her away her cool. Slowly, deliberately, I reached behind me and unhooked my bra, then pulled down my thong, discarding both of them on the floor. For a ...