1. A Game of High Stakes

    Date: 4/12/2018, Categories: Fiction , BDSM, BDSM, Extreme, Lesbian, Latex fetish, Group Sex, Prostitution, Masturbation / Toys, Author: ST99, Source: sexstories.com

    There was a house that was known to throw the best parties in the city. It was far enough out in the countryside to avoid noise complaints, and the house was so large that it might as well be called a small mansion. It could easily hold a hundred people on just the first floor. College students were often seen driving out in droves whenever there was something going on. It had a reputation that seemed to grow with each passing month. On the third floor, far enough to muffle the booming music pouring out of the downstairs stereo system, there was a bedroom with no bed. The center of the room held a round wooden table with three chairs set around it, and each chair held a woman. They were Rachel, Erica, and Willow. Rachel was the preppy. She had long brown hair, blue eyes, and a naturally cheery face. She was the kind of person who’s idea of a night out went along the lines of shopping for clothes and searching for fun new outfits to wear, though today she was dressed rather plainly in a bright red t-shirt and simple skinny jeans. The shirt and jeans were tight enough to show off her slim figure and petite chest without calling too much attention to herself. She was getting a bachelor’s degree in nursing, which was something that she had found a knack for. She had already managed to line up an internship at the local hospital. Willow was the goth. She had short black hair, a pouty face, remarkably pale skin, and was the shortest of the three by half a foot. Her nails were ... painted black, there were bright silver studs in her ears, and a borderline purple purse leaned against the nearby table leg. With her elegant knee length black skirt, dark flowing top, and expertly applied makeup, Willow was dressed to kill. It was the kind of outfit most people would only wear for special occasions. Willow was an art major, and she was really only enrolled to have fun and sharpen her drawing skills. She already made a steady wage manning the local sex shop’s front counter. Erica was the cheerleader. The blond was almost a living stereotype with her large breasts, bubble butt, bronzed tan skin, and resting bitch face. She was a natural gossip, the kind of woman who naturally found herself in the sidelines of the latest drama. She was also a rather nice person, to the surprise of those who didn’t know her well. Her jean short shorts and white crop top bordered on slutty, but only just. Erica was ready to go back downstairs and spend the night drinking and dancing. She had already snagged a quick drink on the way up. It wasn’t enough to get her even halfway buzzed, but it did loosen her shoulders. The three were a study in contrasts. None of them had any classes together, and there wasn’t much in the way of shared interests. The one thing that they had in common, and the reason why they were alone upstairs, was that they were part of a secret club. They were initiates of a sorority hidden from most of the college, one with no more than a dozen members in total. The ...