Date: 4/12/2018, Categories: Fiction , Straight Sex, Romance, Author: James Dylan Dean, Source: sexstories.com

    No one under the age of fourteen in this story has sex. THE QUIET AND SHY NUN: I woke up and there was a woman beside me in bed. She was cuddled up to me spoon-fashion and seemed to feel right in place with me. She didn’t shy away when I reached around to hold her tight as she dozed. And her buns felt so very nice up to my belly and hips. And then, it came to my mind what this was all about and how it had happened . About four years before, I was fresh out of the Air Force, twenty-one and looking to move ahead in my life post-military. The four years had definitely not been wasted. I had done a lot of growing up and had gained a tech school education in electronics and quite a bit of practical experience in working with electronic equipment. But, because most of my experience had been watching military style equipment cabinets glowing and humming, I was ready for something else. I had worked for Bell Tell for a couple of months in San Jose, CA where I had finished my enlistment, but though they really liked me and I was very successful in the job that they assigned me, again it was mostly observation work, with some local wiring installations in the evenings. Not something that I would want to do for any time, I felt. They did tell me upon leaving that I could come back anytime as far as they were concerned. Always good to have something in reserve, I felt. And they were very nice to me. I could have stayed in CA and went to college there, since I had been in residence for ... more than a year and could qualify as a resident, since all of it had been off base. But, I had just parted with a very powerful but hurtful relationship with a local girl and so with missing my family and the climate back home, I decided to move back to start anew. Upon arrival and application to the local Community College (called a Junior College then) I found out that I was too late to start classes for the Fall Quarter, so I bided my time to start in the Winter Quarter. My major at first was going to be Meteorology, since that was a growing field and also because the weather in our region is particularly volatile and interesting. Besides according to the assessment tests, because of my strengths in science and math, I was predicted to very well in this major. While I waited for my classes to start, I decided to see if I could find some kind of low-stress and undemanding part-time job to help finance my education without having to borrow any money. I had full G. I. Bill for my use, but it wouldn’t cover everything and besides I was going to stay with my mom, since all but my youngest brother was grownup and gone and so she had a vacant bedroom. She also didn’t drive, so with my car, I would be of some help to her in her transportation, despite that she was very adept at using the local bus system from her long experiences in riding them. She said that she didn’t want any money from me, since she was totally self-supporting. Didn’t mean that I couldn’t slip her some once in ...