1. Julie's Saga Pt. 01: The Party

    Date: 4/13/2018, Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: bySissymjohnson, Source: Literotica

    Let me start off by thanking my editor for all their patience with this story. This is the first story I have written and SexyGeek spent a lot of time going back and forth with me to get it the way it is. Thank you!! This is the first part of hopefully many that I will put out in this saga. If you have any ideas where to go, let me know! Thank you for reading, let me know what you think! ***** I straighten my floor length black dress as I step off the elevator on the top floor of the hotel into my company Christmas party. Like many women my age I feel a little self-conscious about my body but I did what I could to stay looking good. It's not a perfect body by any means, but Mark always tried to help me feel good about myself. This dress helped, open back, buttoned around my neck and a slit on the right side almost all the way up to my hip. Even I had to admit, I looked good! My husband, Mark, has mixed feelings about my company Christmas party every year. He always looks forward to the food, but not always the company. "I don't know anyone and nobody talks to me," he says. "I know, but you love me and do it for me," I reply. He would just nod and smile in agreement. Every year on the way home we stop at a little hole in the wall cigar shop and have a cigar and one last drink before we head home. Here, he got the chance to do what he probably loves most to do, smoke a cigar and sip some kind of whisky or tequila. I rarely went with him any other time he smoked but always ... did this night every year. My way of making it up to him for doing something he didn't really like doing for me. We always enjoy this night together, although this year we agree for it to be a little different. Usually the party for our small advertising company was held at some restaurant or country club around town, but this year they decided to move it to a hotel, so Mark and I decided to take advantage of the discounted room and stay the night. As I enter the top floor ballroom I scan the already full room. There was Marcy at the bar getting a drink with her husband. Amy was sitting at a table with her boyfriend. All the usual suspects were already here as my husband wanted to be "fashionably late". "I'm going to go get a drink, do you want me to get you one?" Mark asks "Red wine please," I reply with a smile. As Mark walks away I turn to find a table and that's when I see him. Joey is about 5 or 6 years younger than my mid-thirties. He is tall, a few inches taller than Mark. He has dark brown hair, and hazel eyes that a girl could get lost in if she wasn't careful. He is wearing navy blue slacks that he fills out perfectly from behind and a matching jacket that he fit equally as well. I see him before he sees me and I catch myself slightly biting my lip and staring. Then I see her, flirting with Joey. Nicole, in her mind, God's gift to the world or at least to the men of the world, and probably a few women too. I did have to admit she was pretty. She is tall, long blonde ...