1. Ainsely 5

    Date: 4/13/2018, Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: skycap_mascot, Source: LushStories

    A few days later, Ainsely drove up to Louisville with Brenda, the other army wife who was in their program for a bachelors degree. She told me this was mostly an information gathering trip for her, but fortunately the education department was expanding and looking for students. Ains had already finished a couple of years worth of credits at a school back in Carolina before we got married so the counselor she met with thought she'd be a good candidate to enroll in their fast track teaching degree program. She had applications and forms to fill out, but when she saw me that night, it was with a squeal of delight that she announced she was going back to college. I asked her if she'd told Javon yet. She rolled her eyes at me, “Of course . I couldn't keep anything from him if I wanted to. He call to just talk every day. He always wants to get together again. I kinda like being pursued this hard,” she giggled, “even if I can't meet him every day. It's fun talking with him though. We both have so much to talk about and he never stops teasing me and coming on to me. He always makes me feel good.” “So what does he think about you taking classes?” She admitted that he wasn't that excited about it. She said he's afraid she won't have enough time for him and worse she'd be up there with all these hot young studs after her. She giggled at that and assured him that she he wanted to see him just as much as he wanted to be with her, and that she'd try to make more time for him. “There is ... one problem though,” she said. “He wants to date me in the evenings, but I told him I need to be with you when you're home. After all, I am your wife. Not only that, but I'm getting nervous about how we can keep all this private. I mean, I don't want to turn him down, but I don't want this to be the hottest topic in the rumor mill. That could really be a mess, for both of us.” 'Hmmmm,' I thought. 'Maybe my honey needs another little nudge.' I drove to work the next morning and got there early. Brown came up to me in the parking lot as I was getting out of the car. “I need to go see her again,” he said, direct as usual. “Gimme your keys.” Charming. I tried to remember what she'd told me she was doing today. I wish I'd paid better attention when she was telling me about her plans for the day. But she talks so much! I reluctantly handed him my keys. 'Why does he have to be so nasty about it,' I wondered. 'I mean, I'm not blocking him in any way!' “She might be down at Carolyn's,” I said, suddenly remembering something she'd said, but wasn't sure if that was today or tomorrow. “Don' worry, I'll find her,” he smiled turning on his heel. “Oh hey, there's not much gas in the car. I was gonna fill it up on the way home. The PX gas station wasn't open this morning.” “Then give me some money, dude. I ain't your fuckin' servant but I guess I can put some gas in it. When you gonna get a decent car anyway?” I handed him the only Andrew Jackson I had left. So much for lunch today. I thought ...