1. Larissa the Latina

    Date: 4/13/2018, Categories: Science-Fiction , Body modification, Latina, Pregnant, Teen, Teen, Author: OliverPride, Source: sexstories.com

    The love of my life completely destroyed me. She obliterated my soul, my heart, my very being. I don't want to talk about exactly what happened. All you have to know is that I was in love with a lovely Latina girl, Larissa Jimenez. We dated for a year. Then one day she broke up with me, she never said why. I was so confused and it tore me apart everyday. She told me almost everyday that she loved me and wanted to be with me forever... so what happened? Unfortunately, my sorrow grew unbearable. It drove me from depression to insanity. Eventually I came up with a plan. I did not intend to win Larissa back but to get revenge. I planned to have sex with her against her will. She left me so lonely and we had never had sex before so I thought it would teach her a lesson to think twice before devastating someone who used to be a nice man. Of course I'm better now and I realize how truly terrible my actions were, however, this is not rape, no. I'm very lucky events went how they did but I'll get to that. I'll start with the day I put my plan into motion. Larissa lived practically in my backyard. There was a forest of trees between our houses, yet one could still see her house through the vegetation. A month or two after she dumped me I invited her over to play basketball. This was something we did often when we were little kids. Now we're eighteen and it's the first day of spring break. To my surprise she accepted my invitation and walked over. Her parents were home, though mine ... were not, they were out shopping. I knew we had several hours alone before they'd be back. Plenty of time to enact my revenge. I heard a knock at the back door. It was Larissa. She had walked through the woods and walked straight across the back patio up to the door. Obviously our houses faced opposite directions. I opened the door and she stepped inside. I almost gasped at how beautiful she was. It had been so long since I had seen her. She was a bit too thin, very flat stomach, bigger toned legs and arms yet they were close to being stick-figure-like. Thin but stunning. Her big brown eyes shine like the night sky as well as her long, flowing, brown hair. Her skin is a hot caramel-like tan color. A gorgeous, heavenly face like an angel. Lastly she has small tits about an A cup but a pretty nice ass. Her ass isn't huge but it's the stereotypical big Latina booty. I believe in a few years she'll have a voluptuous body. That's only if she eats something, God she's so thin! "Wow you look great Larissa, how are you?" I asked casually. She blushed and replied, "A little depressed but I'm a tough cookie, I'll be fine." "Oh I'm so sorry to hear that, me too." Larissa looked slightly upset for a second but then asked. "Why don't we catch up, while we play basketball huh Peter?" I smiled and nodded. We went outside to play basketball on the court across the street. Neither of us were very good. I let her win and she knew it as I am about a foot taller than her. She blushed and giggled as ...