1. My Amazing Mason 6

    Date: 4/13/2018, Categories: Fiction , Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Incest / Taboo, Teen, Author: Pussyeeter, Source: sexstories.com

    The day after that conversation that me and my baby had, I was so so turned on that it wasn't even funny! I don't think you understand how much I loved him, I don't. There aren't any words that I can even think of to describe how much I loved him. I mean, I can try to explain it and all, but that's a little difficult to do when you can't find any words, I loved him so so much that I could feel it in my soul I guess you can say. That's the best I can do so, sorry. It was just like it was when we courted years ago only we courted for a few months that time, this time it was way longer. All of those feelings I had for him made my, I don't know, sexual desires for him so strong that thoughts of making love to him were always always on my mind, always. Well, one day my baby was at work and me and Summer were hanging out since we both had the day off from our jobs. I went and picked her up and we went to lunch, and after lunch we were going to go watch a movie, but after lunch, we got in my car and when I started driving we started talking about sex and stuff, and while we did I couldn't stop thinking about my lover. "So have you had sex with Mason yet?" She asked. "No not yet." I said while I started to smile. "You haven't?" She asked. "No I mean, I really really want to but, I don't know." I said. "Ok, are you scared?" She asked. "I mean, because of what I went through when I was married I think I kinda am." I said. "It's Mason, he won't do anything to hurt you. The man loves ... you so much that he almost literally worships the ground you walk on Kaylee." She said. "I know that and I know that sex will be amazing with him, so it's not so much that than other things." I said. "So what are you scared of?" She asked. "Well, I can't believe that I'm going to say this but here I go. Remember when I told you about my ex asshole and what sex was like with him?" I asked. "You don't think that Mason would do that too do you?" She asked. "Oh no, definitely not, I know he wouldn't." I said while she kinda cut me off. "Then what is it?" She asked. "Well, I'm not scared about having him inside of me because he makes me so wet and so horny that I can't think straight. But I think I'm scared because of what my ex did to me every time I tried to touch him with my hand I'm kinda scared to do that with Mason." I said. "So what did he do when you tried to?" She asked. "He would beat me up, he would call me a whore and tell me how disgusting I was, plus he would beat me up, and when he beat me up he would say how I was going to burn in hell and stuff." I said. "He beat you up just for trying to touch his dick?" She asked while she started getting mad. "He beat me up so bad that I went to the hospital twice because of it." I said. "You do know Mason isn't like that right?" She asked. "I know he isn't." I said. "No he's not, I promise you that he would love it if you touched his dick with your hand." She said. "I know but I can't bring myself to do it. Everything I went ...