1. Heather's Honeymoon Ch. 2

    Date: 4/13/2018, Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: altaff143, Source: xHamster

    continued.....Before dawn on the sixth and final day of their honeymoon, John lay in bed listening to the soft spray of water far below their window. He could make out conversations in Spanish and the sound of metal scr****g on asphalt. He envisioned the ground's crew, dressed in their green shorts and polo shirts with the resort's name written in gold script over the breast pocket, hosing down the pool area, aligning chairs in curved rows along its k**ney shape and covering them with the foam pads that are stacked each night in a shed behind the snack bar.The workers clean the pool area early because vacationers flock from their rooms at daybreak to save the best locations around the pool. Chair hoarding is serious business at the resort, and its mix of competitive intensity and inconsideration gave John a bemused chuckle all week. Each morning he'd look down from the balcony as men and women scurried to and fro, marking territories with a multitude of personal items--books and beach bags, sandals and sneakers, towels and T-shirts--and then meander back into the hotel, presumably for a few more hours of sleep. They'd return later, well rested and ready for another afternoon in the sun, while other guests had been relegated to the second row all morning.John didn't go to the balcony this morning. He and Heather had been up late. He stayed curled on his side, his eyes closed and the sheet pulled to his chin. With the scent of institutional detergent filling his nostrils, he ... made a correlation between the chair saving ritual and his own decision early on to ask Heather to marry him. He'd dated her only a year, but that was long enough to know she was the one for him. To John, Heather was that coveted lounge chair by the pool, the one worth getting up early for. Her pledge to wait for marriage before sex didn't dissuade him. He knew a good thing when he saw it; so he did as the chair runners do...he pounced early, marked his territory and waited for his time in the sun.John uncurled his six foot frame and stretched, the crisp white sheet sounding like a sail in a breeze as he unwrapped and re-wrapped himself in it. He was excited, thinking of the night before, thinking of the sexual firsts he and Heather had accumulated during the week.Their third day had been a cornucopia of initiations for Heather... swallowing, being exposed on the beach, having anal sex, getting her cute butt spanked, being watched. The list went on and on. He was amazed at how excitedly she'd taken to it all. Now, as he lay in bed on their last morning, day three seemed like a long time ago.Asking Heather to be his "love slave" had turned out to be a savvy idea on John's part. It provided her with a reason to go wild, and an excuse for doing so. No matter how kinky they got, she could claim she was doing only what her husband wanted her to. They had many adventures over the week, and whenever John asked about the excitement he saw in her, she insisted her pleasure was derived ...