1. Pleasuring a Granny. Ch. 9

    Date: 4/13/2018, Categories: Fiction , Anal, BDSM, Lesbian, Group Sex, Group Sex, Masturbation / Toys, Author: teufelturm, Source: sexstories.com

    New Blood. November 21st Sometime ago had Doreen noted that a house opposite, which had been vacant for some time, now had curtains, so after a few days she went across to introduced herself and offer to provide help and local information should the new occupants need any. It turned out that that the new occupant was a single woman and was indeed needing help and information. They liked each other and became good friends. Doreen has just rung to say that last night they became 'very' good friends. The 'phone call also included the fact that her new friend is a gorgeous 48 year old, has a firm body and has admitted that she is very happy to share it with selected friends and that Doreen had already been 'selected'. Ruth enjoys sex, Doreen enjoys sex and it didn't take them long to recognize a kindred spirit. Ruth arrived at Doreen's house one evening and as soon as she had settled, she asked Doreen if she would be averse to a sexual encounter. Doreen had wondered about Ruth because of occasional remarks that she'd made about Doreen's' lovely rounded figure'. The phrase 'right here and now' rang Doreen's bell and without further ado she steered Ruth up to the bedroom and commenced to show her what skill she had acquired in removing another woman's clothing without ripping anything. Doreen admitted that the evening had been a roaring success. Ruth had taken the lead from then on and had proved to be a very needy, frustrated, dynamo who, although wanting to have a soft, ... willing, woman in her grasp, actually wanted that woman to drive her to a frenzy of climaxes. Doreen could do that to a statue so they both enjoyed the tryst. They separated around 2 am and then Doreen got to thinking about the pleasurable possibility of introducing her to us. Brenda had shown a distinct interest in the 'Dynamo', but only if I was in the mix. If Ruth was really up for sex, then it had to be under the same rules that Doreen had joined us because 'a bit at a time' just wasn't on. Doreen hadn't said anything to Ruth about our involvement in matters sexual; she just asked if Ruth would be happy to meet a couple of friends of hers. November 24th We met Doreen's friend, Ruth, yesterday evening. She is a divorcee, has a very 'interesting' body and a surprisingly frank attitude to discussing matters of a sexual nature. She and her ex-husband had had a steady relationship with another couple, but the two females had grown so fond of each other to the point that the males started looking elsewhere for sex. Her friend's husband decided that he really wanted his wife back so they moved away, but Ruth's husband had decided he was having more fun without her and they split up. He bought Ruth's share of their printing business and moved out. Ruth stayed, but after a year, the business started to fail and he began a hate campaign via email and 'phone, so she sold the house and moved up here. She had chosen this area because it was fairly secluded, but after the city life, she had ...