1. Horny teens experiment with each other

    Date: 4/13/2018, Categories: Lesbian, Author: Kendall_King, Source: LushStories

    Flora’s parents had left for the weekend, leaving herself and Ellie alone for a few days to enjoy themselves at their house in the Hamptons. The sun was going down and the girls had only been together for a few hours but were already getting relaxed in Flo’s bedroom after a brisk swim in the pool. As always, the two girls, who were obsessed with modelling, had started performing on a makeshift catwalk in Flo’s closet. They were still drying off from the pool as they strutted along together in their bathing suits. Without thinking about it, Flo started pulling her one-piece swimsuit from her shoulders downwards. The best friends had shared everything so were not unfamiliar with each other’s bodies. As Flo pulled the suit further down her body, Ellie couldn’t help but acknowledge her perfect physique. Ellie had always somewhat envied Flo’s body. Flora was slim but exercised frequently which gave her toned curves in all the right places. She had a tight and round bum which complimented her firm breasts. Flo left her swimsuit hanging by her waist as she grabbed a towel and slowly massaged her breasts until they were dry. Unexpectedly, Flora arched her back, sticking her bum out and pushing her breasts out. She posed jokingly with a funny face to match which made Ellie giggle. By the time Ellie had begun to pull her bikini top off, Flo was edging her suit down past her waist and then onto her cute slit. It was pinky coloured and Ellie remarked how it was clean shaven. The girls ... felt completely comfortable talking about each others’ bodies which led Flo to remark, “Go on then El... show us what you’ve got going on down there.” Ellie undid the bow tie which held her bikini bottoms in place and they soon after fell to the floor; exposing Ellie. She was proud of the triangle of hair that she had cut above her slit, she felt mature and thought that the hair represented her being a woman, not just a 16-year-old girl. They only had one towel so once Flo had finished rubbing her bum down, she chucked it to Ellie who began drying off. Flo asked about drinks before she exited the room to go downstairs to the kitchen, butt naked. As Ellie dried off, she noticed that she was wet as she wiped off her cum which was wetting her lips. In a state of disappointment, she looked down as she cupped her small, perky breasts which were nothing as supple and beautiful as Flo’s. Ellie started off down the stairs towards the kitchen also completely naked, just as Flo had done only minutes before. She loved the feeling of being naked as she pottered along the hallway to the kitchen where Flo was preparing drinks. As Ellie entered the kitchen, Flo was sitting cross-legged atop the marble countertop with a cocktail beverage in hand. She looked absolutely gorgeous and by the way she was sitting, Flo’s lips had parted which left Ellie with an uninterrupted view of her clitoris and open labia. Flo passed Ellie a similar alcoholic cocktail before she hopped off the counter and headed ...