1. Ben's Promotion Ch. 02

    Date: 4/13/2018, Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: byTN_Country_Boy, Source: Literotica

    Thanks for all the comments. I'm glad so many of you found my first story to be worthwhile. I apologize for the delay in posting the second part, but while I waited to see how the first part was received, I worked on a different project. I hope you find this to be worth the wait. ******* The alarm going off woke me. I opened one eye and searched for where the sound was coming from. Each beep sent another stab of pain through my head. When I found it on the night stand next to our bed, where it always sat, I picked it up and threw toward the wall. It traveled a short distance before the power cord halted its flight. With a crash, it shattered on the floor, but not yet damaged enough to stop making noise. I was forced to stumble from the bed and yank it from the wall. I felt as though death had taken me out on a date and brought me back just before I died. Looking at the clock wreckage, I wondered what time it was because I didn't remember setting an alarm. I made my way to the bathroom, to check the clock we kept there. It was two in the morning. I opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out my hope for relief, two fizzing tablets of life. By the time I drank that and cleaned up a bit, I could almost believe living was a good thing. Almost, because by that time I remembered why I had set the alarm. Today was the day. For the first time in my marriage, I had made plans to cheat on my beloved Ben. He deserved to be promoted, but not like this. My vision grew blurry with my line ... of thought. Shit. My mind began to function a bit, though I can't say I was clear headed. The prior inebriation had left my brain in a mental fog. Over and over I kept thinking about what was about to happen, and it just didn't seem real, like it was a suggestion of a dream yet to happen. Ben and I have these plans, ones that we've worked out for years. If I didn't give the vice president what he wanted, Ben would never get the promotion, and all our plans would forever be dreams. That house in the suburbs, the big family, all of it would be over. Something began tickling the back of my mind. There was something I was missing. Ben would be crushed at being passed over if I didn't do this. Then it hit me. He would be disappointed, but life would go on. We were happy here, in our little apartment. If we stayed here, we'd be limited to a single child, but he wouldn't care. That would be enough for him. The blood drained from my face as I comprehended what my mind had already worked out. Ben would be okay with not being promoted. It was me that would be crushed. I was the one who wanted to give my husband lots of kids. If we stayed here, that could never happen. In reality, I wasn't about to sleep with this ass wipe for Ben's sake. I was doing it for the sake of my own dreams. That insight made everything clear to me. I didn't want to sleep around on my husband, and the price for that would be to settle for a smaller family. To keep my vows to him, I could accept that heartbreak. ...