1. Essex Girl

    Date: 4/14/2018, Categories: Fiction , Consensual Sex, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Written by women, Author: vanessa.evans, Source: sexstories.com

    Essex Girl by Vanessa Evans Part 01 Okay, so I’m an Essex girl. I may be blonde and reasonable looking but I like to think that I’m not your stereo-type Essex girl. I’m slim, and have small breasts and I have a degree in Forensic Accounting. My name is Millie and after I left university I was lucky enough to get a good job with a big bank. It was in my home town, Loughton, as well; but after living in a hall of residence, then a shared house, I decided that I wasn’t going to move back in with my parents. My new job is well paid and I decided that I could just about afford to rent my own flat. Everything went great for the first 6 months. Okay I didn’t have much in my flat, but I was happy. I’d had boyfriends at university, but when I moved back to Loughton I was on my own and happy to be that way. My best friend was my rabbit vibrator. Then one day at work my manager told me that I was being transferred to the Acton branch. It was a promotion and more money. That weekend I went to Acton and had a look around the place and looked at the price of renting a flat. Now Acton is more central London and that is reflected in the crazy rents. Way out of my price range. I was left with 2 choices, share or commute. Although I’d shared at university I’d got used to living on my own and didn’t want to give that up. Luckily, the pay rise easily covered the cost of commuting so that’s what I decided to do. On the first day in my new job I got up 90 minutes early, having worked out that ... the commute would take just over an hour. What I hadn’t bargained on was the rush hour crowds. OMG, the Central Line is so over-crowded in the mornings, and, as I found out later, in the evenings as well. It was nearly as bad as those videos that you see of the Japanese underground. I had to stand all the way, both ways. It was on the third day that it first happened, a hand rested on my butt and moved up and down a bit. I tried to see who the hand belonged to but it was impossible. After the initial shock I spend the day thinking about what had happened and decided that it wasn’t that bad, in a way I took it as a complement that someone thought that my butt was worth touching. By the end of the next week I had realised that I was starting to look forward to my daily gropes and I started standing in the same place at the end of the same carriage on both ways of my commute. It was like the hand lived in Loughton as well but after the first day I stopped trying to see who the hand belonged to. I liked the annominity of it. Over that weekend I decided that I was going to commute in casual clothes and get changed into my business suits once I’d got to work. Besides, it was still warm out and shorter skirts and tank tops were much more comfortable than my knee length business suits. Another thing that helped the decision was that although knee-length pencil skirts look good as part of a business suit they are useless when it comes to running to catch a train. On the Monday morning ...