1. The adventures of Tom & Matt pt2

    Date: 4/14/2018, Categories: Fiction , Anal, Bisexual, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Cock & ball torture, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Fisting, Group Sex, Trans, Water Sports/Pissing, Author: 9020bic, Source: sexstories.com

    It has been about four months since Tom and Matt started sounding, and more like Matt was sounding Tom. Tom loved it, Matt not too much, but he loved doing it to Tom. But that all changed six weeks ago when Matt met Sara and the two started dating. The biggest thing that changed was that Matt spent all his time with Sara in and out of school. The only time that Tom saw Matt was on his way home from Sara’s house as Tom lived in the middle of the two. Matt would text Tom on his way home and the two would meet at the grate that lead into the side yard of Tom’s house. Once behind the fence and out of sight of anybody, Tom would drop to his knees and open Matt’s pants. Tom would pull out Matt’s soft used cock and Tom would blow him there in the shadows. Since the first time Tom sucked Matt’s cock after he fucked Sara, Tom loved the new way Matt’s cock would taste. A mixture of his and Sara’s cum covered his dick and Tom would suck it clean. He would suck him till he would cum in Tom’s mouth then pull up his pants and leave. Tom was walking home after school when Matt ran up to him telling Tom to go home and be ready at 5 out front of his own house. Matt also told Tom to dress nice as Matt got him a date for the night. “What a date?” With who?” Tom asked Matt but Matt just told he to be ready at 5 and then ran off for home. Tom got home and headed upstairs to shower for his first date; there was only one problem that Tom didn’t tell Matt. Tom hopped in the shower pushing off his ... problem. “What could happen on the first date?” “I don’t even know who she is or if she will even like me?” Tom thought to himself in the shower. Tom finished and jumped out and got dress as fast as he could. He was waiting outside when Matt walked up holding hands with Sara. Sara was the captain of the cheer squad and she was a knock out, with blonde hair, blue eyes, tight body because of cheer, and big perky tits. Tom thought for a second if she knew what Matt and him did or that Tom knew what her pussy juice tasted like having cleaned Matt’s dick after he fucked her. “Hey bud” Matt called out to Tom as he got to him. “So Sara’s cousin is visiting so we thought that we would set you two up” Matt said as a brown hair girl stepped out from behind Matt and Sara. “Hello, I’m Alice” the said holding out her hand. Tom froze unable to find the words to reply with a simple “hello”. The girl stood taller than Tom at about six foot, the same height as Matt, she looked amazing with brown hair and a slim figure. What Tom noticed first was that she had a British accent that made her hotter. “Uh...” “Umm…” “Uh, I’m…” “I’m Tom” he said finding his voice. “Cool, man” Matt whispered softly punching Tom in the arm. The four set off to the movies and it wasn’t long during the movie that Tom noticed with Matt to his left that Matt and Sara wasn’t there to watch the movie but to use the spot to make out. Alice was to Tom’s right and unlike her cousin was enjoying the movie’ though she did like ...