1. My Sissy Fantasy 2

    Date: 4/14/2018, Categories: First Time, Fetish, Anal, Author: a_toy_for_woman, Source: xHamster

    I was finally home alone and I was pretty horny. I thought I would do something interesting but I did't know what to do.So I open up my box to take my buttplug and some lube. Then I put the box back and locked it.I put some lube on my buttplug and started to work it in. It took some time before I had it all the way in.I took my other box and opening it up. I found some pink panties and put them on. I locked the box and put it away.Then I saw that I had almost run out of lube. Then I thought I could go up to the store and buy some more.Of course I leaved the buttplug inside me and took my normal clothes on. I kept my panties on tho.When I arrived to the store I could see two beautiful girls. One with blond long hair and pretty blue eyes.She had pink lipstick on and her body were tight. She was wearing a white shirt and a pink skirt.The other girl had medium long brown hair. She was wearing red lipstick and also a pretty tight figure.It was clear that both of them worked out. She was wearing a short black dress. both of them was wearing jewelry. They were quiet playfully with some uniforms and toys. They were holding a basket with toys and a costume.I walked straight to the lube section. I did have a choice to make. Many different types of lube were in front of me.I finally decided what lube I should buy. Only problem was I had to bend down to get it.So I bend down to get it and turned around. I froze for at least a second because the two girls were whispering.Not only were ... the whispering to each other they also looked at me. I did't think most of it. I just went to buy my lube.I walked over to the desk to buy the lube. However when I started to walk over there the two girls stood in my way.They started to measure my body. They did't say anything and I tried to push them away and go forward.I did't quiet succeed in that but they were soon done measuring me. When they were done I went to the desk.I paid for the lube with cash and leaved.I went to the metro station and had to wait for a couple minutes.When I could see the metro I also to my horror saw the two girls smiling at me. I got nervous and blushed at bit I think.I looked in the train and saw a few people. I thought well at least nothing will happen in the metro.The doors open to the metro and then I froze again because every single one in the metro walked out.I took a deep breath and walked in the metro. I stood a few meters away from the girls.The metro leaved the station and the girls started to walk closer towards me. I got more nervous and I felt sweaty.The girls stopped right behind me. One of the girls whispered in my ear "you will be a good little girl for us won't you?"I did't know what to say I just ignored the question. Seemed to be the best option but I was wrong.The other girl then whispered in my ear "answer the question or we will pull your pants down right here"I stemmed "yes" both whispered "yes what?" I said a little louder this time "yes I will be a good girl"They both ...