1. My Cabin of Solace-Part 7

    Date: 4/14/2018, Categories: BDSM, Author: gubica, Source: LushStories

    After testing to be sure Maple was tied securly, Red handed me the pan of ice cubes and the slender bottles of very warm water. I was still positioned between Maple's legs, looking at a very wet pussy. I was confused as to what she wanted me to do. I heard her laugh as she took an ice cube and touched it to Maple's exposed clit. Maple inhaled sharply as I watched the once exposed clit retract into the protection of it's surrounding cover. Something about that made me laugh. I had to try it, but first I had to coax her clit back out. I leaned forward and using my first two fingers, I pushed the sheath back and started to lick and suck her cold clit until I felt it warm and start to harden. I took another ice cube and touched it to her hard nub, pushing it harder against her clit as I did. Maple cried out and wiggled against her ties which held beautifully. "Get creative so you can keep her clit exposed for more time while you play," Red said. "Then when you think she needs warming, push the bottle into her pussy and keep going." "Oh, yes, please!" Maple said as she overheard our conversation. At first I was not sure what to do, then it dawned on me. I put the ice cube in my mouth and used my fingers to push back the sheath around her clit. Then I lowered my head and put my lips around her clit. Sucking it into my mouth as much as it would go, I used my tongue to manipulate the ice cube so I could alternate touching her clit with it and then use my tongue. She started bucking ... aginst my mouth and it was quite a challange keeping my mouth where I wanted it.. "Now you have the idea," Red said. "Don't forget the bottle." I released her sheath as I took the bottle and first laid it against her pussy. I felt Maple's legs spasm as her pussy and clit instantly warmed. Then I inserted the bottle, bottom first, into her pussy, nice and slow. Maple moaned as her pussy was instantly warmed, but I did not give her time to relax. I again pushed back her sheath, and exposed that little nub to another onslaught of ice and my tongue. The combination of the warmth in her pussy and the cold on her clit brought a gutteral sound and a spasm from Maple. She came hard. "Don't let up," Red ordered. I glanced over Maple's clean shaven mound to watch Red drop ice cold water over different parts of Maple's body. Blindfolded, it must have felt like it was hot, because I heard Maple plead with Red to cool it down. I chuckled to myself. When Red dropped ice slush on Maple's nipples it was dramatic. "You're burning me!" I heard her scream as she tried to wiggle her breasts to shake the off the slush. Red laughed as she grabbed another bottle of hot water and touched each nipple in turn. I could not believe the size of Maple's nipples after she did that. They seemed to double in size. I kept alternating the cold and warm on Maple's clit. I pulled the bottle out of her pussy and put an ice cube at the opening. Then I used the bottle to push it in. Maple's body spasmed with the ...