1. The Football Life pt. 1

    Date: 4/14/2018, Categories: Fiction , Black, Non-Erotic, Teen, Author: RC38, Source: sexstories.com

    My alarm jolted me awake at the usual 5:00 A.M. time. As always, I checked my phone, but there was no “good morning ;*” message today. I rolled out of bed a little bit more tired and lifeless than usual. I slipped my shorts and tank top on, followed by my shoes. I exited my house and proceeded on the brisk streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the sky barely lit. By 8:25 I was walking through the school hallways as usual, but for the first time since the 6th grade, I was alone. “Ramesses Kinggg,” a familiar voice called behind me. I spun around. “Alizé Santos,” I greeted my friend. “So what’s the deal with Aaliyah?” I shrugged with a grin on my face. I wanted to try and play it cool, but deep down, it hurt. I was hurt. She must’ve known because she just gave me a sympathetic smile and ran her hand through my dreads, like she’s always done since we were little. “I’m always here for ya kid,” she assured me. “So I heard that you’re starting Varsity?” Now I started to genuinely smile. “You know I’ve been doing this football shit since I was a young boul (A boul is Philly slang for “person”).” “Yeah yeah, I know, Superstar.” She flashed me that smile that I’ve loved since I was 6 years old. Me and Alizé met in the first grade, because we were both wearing New York Giants hats in class one day, a social crime in Philadelphia. We started to talk to each other, and ever since then we’ve been the best of friends. I’ve always had a crush on her deep down, but I just never had the ... heart to tell her about it. I’m not the type of dude she would be into, she likes them “thug” niggas. Guys that don’t give a shit about their future, that do everything for clout. I just don’t understand that girl, she’s too good of a character to chase guys like that. The next night, we had our first game right here at home. The only freshmen to play varsity were me and my friend Kai Thomas, who was going to get carries at running back and line up at wide receiver on some plays. I played cornerback, and unlike Kai, was a full-time starter. In the locker room, me and Kai clung together like melted Life Savers. We got taped together, we put on our pads together, wherever you saw him, I was right next to him. We grew up playing football together, so I guess it was just comforting to be around each other before our game. It was before we were about to hit the field, after warm-ups that Jordan Adams, our defensive captain pulled me aside. Jordan was a senior, he was All-State last year, a 5-Star recruit, and committed to LSU already. All of us young defenders looked up to the safety. “Look, between me and you… coach wasn’t going to start you tonight,” he quietly said. “He’s never started a freshman before, me included. I had to stick my neck out to convince him to put you in there, because I know what you can do and that you give us the best shot to win. Don’t fuck me over.” The game started off slow. Yards were hard to come by for both offenses in the first quarter. The speed of the ...