1. Audience Torture 2

    Date: 4/14/2018, Categories: BDSM, Group Sex, Author: Bowstead297, Source: xHamster

    This bit somehow got chopped off my first post ... here is the rest of the story!Then time was up, Nathalie and Charles got dressed. Nathalie quickly left and returned, whispering something to Charles. Charles took my hand and asked me to lie on wooden bench. He shackled my hands to the wall behind my head and then put shackles on my feet as well, securing them to rings in the wall behind my head, spread further apart than was comfortable for me.There I was, spread like chicken, with both my pussy and my bum hole on display to whomever would now enter the room.“Have fun!”, said Natalie with a grin, before putting a blindfold on me. I then heard the door as they both left. I did not have to wait long, and the door opened and closed again, a key was turned in the lock.Then, nothing. Silence.After what seemed like an eternity, I could hear someone undressing. Then hands caressed my nipples, my sides, my feet, avoiding my sex at all times. Then a tongue started licking my nipples, my neck, my stomach … I was getting more and more aroused, if that was possible.Then a voice. “Look, I’m Anthony. I have felt very sorry for you all night. I will give you a choice: I can untie you and you can be nice to me - I will be nice to you, too. Or you can stay tied up, and I will be nice to you. It’s up to you.”“Untie me, then, please! I’ll be your girlfriend for 30 minutes!”He did, very gently. I took of my blindfold. There he was, his skinny body, blonde hair (and blonde pubic hair, I ... never realised pubic hair was the same colour as head hair in blonde people), just as I remembered it. His penis was hard, but there were two ugly welts on it, and his glans was an angry red. The cream Anna had put on me was still on a sideboard.“Let me look after your penis for you. That must be really painful.” He let me put the cream on his cock. It grew harder under my touch.“Let the cream do its work. What do you want to do in the meantime?” He silently kissed me, laid me on my back, kissed me all the way down my body, sucked my nipples, kissed my stomach (very tenderly) and then started licking my vagina. I was in heaven! He really knew what he was doing, too, and I came twice in quick succession, but was ready for more.“Come on, put it in!”I did not need to ask twice, he spread my legs and gently entered me. He felt long and thin inside me. Soon, he was vigorously riding me. Having come twice already, I needed time, but he had lots of stamina.After fifteen minutes of non-stop sex, it dawned on me: the cream! I came, and came again. He was still going strong. Getting frustrated at not being able to cum, actually - I could see it in his face. He was also getting tired. I came one more time, a glorious, all body orgasm. I then gently moved him off me and made him lie on his back.I then took him in my mouth, licked him all over, sucked him. He was thin enough to let me deep-throat him - he really appreciated that. But of no avail - still no orgasm. So I started stroking him ...