1. Lonely ... life sucks !!!

    Date: 4/14/2018, Categories: Fantasy , Straight Sex, Straight Sex, Author: ohbegentle, Source: sexstories.com

    Adjustments for the better ... Life is fucked , I am working and looking after my 3 children, the men in my life have disappointed me greatly, I have been let down constantly by them. Verbal and physical abuse has been a constant of which I no longer tolerate - seeking an intervention order against my last companion if that's what you would call him - fucking creep. I am now into my early forties, luckily still have my looks although some age lines showing. My body is holding up well after the birth of my kids, you could say curvaceous and if dolled up quite capable of turning heads of passersby. Why oh why do I attract creeps ? Is it a hidden talent, I have been told it is a learning curve of life, that I attract a certain type of man - but it will eventually dawn on me to be patient and more selective. Fucking great huh! I'll be an old maid and there's my dream man using a walking frame - hey man pull over hear !!! Hmmm ... I am still young and virile, my eyes shop around at the men in my surroundings just like any other male or female that surveys their scene. You know - nice eyes, great body, cute bum etc... I do get horny on occasion, usually at the most inopportune times as my life is so busy with my work schedule and looking after my 3 children. I do miss having a raging hard cock in my succulent pussy - alas Dicko my pet dildo has to come to the rescue in my quiet times .... ha ha not so quite ...ooh ahhh yes, yes, yes ...fuck me, fuck me ..and then I open my ... eyes... satisfied, but not satisfied if you know what I mean. I'll have to get more batteries. My job is nursing in a local Hospital , I do shift work so it is a real challenge organizing myself and my family on a daily basis. My ex is a real self indulgent prick, only causes problems for me, but due to access rights I have to engage with him. I often wish he would drop dead, I should have poisoned the fuck when we were together. My work place is interesting from a window shopping point of view , the hospital has a high staff turnover (multi-cultural). I am not racist I figure a white cock is as good as a black cock, depending on the skill of the user. But there are some well built ebony men from Africa - you know my mind wanders a lot. I have fucked many white dudes, but only one black dude. I think my appetite (pussy) is longing for another black pole to slip into my hungry pussy, because when they are close by or give me attention at work my pussy tingles and I become wet. Occasionally I have slipped away to the toilet to finger fuck my clit and pussy thinking of them, my colleagues questioning why I am red faced and flushed upon my return. Sometimes this makes matters worse, because I am next to one of the black gents smelling his pheromones and I want to open up his pants to see what monster he may have hidden. I want suck his cock and bend over the desk and let him ravage my pussy from behind. Oh such imagination , if only it was real. Oh fuck, my shift is finished a little ...