1. Slut: The Poker Prize part 2

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Anal, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Hardcore, Author: neilmc123, Source: xHamster

    Slut: The Poker Prize Part 2I was standing between my husband and his naked poker playing friend Neil. I was in a post orgasmic state wearing only a black garter belt, black fishnet stockings and very high heeled black strappy platform stiletto’s. My huge firm breasts were on displaying with my wine cork nipples proudly jutting forward. My shaved pussy was pulsating with excitement at what had just occurred.Neil had just finished fucking my ass as my husband watched on, and his hot spunk was swimming around inside my colon. Neil was now sitting in his chair and his large cock was semi erect. Smiling at him, I straddled his thighs, holding his cock in my right hand and began to stroke the length slowly and deliberately. James was watching every single movement as I began to arouse Neil’s cock back to hardness. I moved my hot tight pussy close to his semi erect cock, close enough to feel his cock pulsing gently, sending little throbbing sensations onto my sensitive pussylips. I placed my hands at the back of his head, drawing his mouth close to mine and gave him the slowest sexiest kiss I’ve ever delivered. My tongue entwined with his own as our saliva intermingled. I was moaning with desire into Neil’s busy mouth, as James stood behind me, his erect cock in his hand, as the protruding erection pushed into the flesh of my bare back. Moaning with pleasure at Neils full on kiss, I felt James rub his cock down my back and snake its way between my buttocks. Neil was holding my ... firm full breasts as his cock began to harden and slip inside my greasy pussy. I moaned as his cock slid inside me, my pussy walls gripping his now rock hard shaft. James held my buttocks apart, nudging his cock against my puckered asshole. In one slow push, he effortlessly slid his entire length deep inside my asshole. I was being double penetrated and it felt sensational.I’m such a slut, but I love the fact that my husband allows me to be this way.Both guys stayed perfectly still, allowing me to get accustomed to two cocks inside me.I rolled my hips gently, feeling both cocks throb inside me.If my husband didn’t allow my slut behaviour, then I’m not convinced I would have ever have experienced the delectable sensation of being doubled penetrated.My head was spinning, my pussy tingling and my asshole stretching. This was a divine experience and one I knew I would repeat. The cocks began to slowly move, causing me to gyrate my hips, and enhance the naughty pleasure that was be bestowed to me. Neil began twisting my nipples, then moved his lips over the flesh of my neck. He started gently nibbling then his passion increased and he began biting my neck, leaving quite a large love bite.James saw this and began to thrust his cock harder and deeper in to my asshole.I threw my head back, moaning blissfully, enjoying my two studs pleasuring my lust.“Fuck the dirty slut!” James growled, encouraging Neil to be more forceful with me.Neil twisted my nipples harder, giving me a mixed ...