1. The beginning

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    My name is Karen. I am mixed white and hispanic, from a small community close to San Antonio, Texas. I will be writing real stories regarding my life. How I became what I am now. My experiences have been more sexual than most girls due to various circumstances, and I have well earned the title being a whore. I mean that literally. I am not ashamed of this anymore, but I can't really say I am looking forward to a happy ending. My story is written as a way for me to vent, and meant for pure entertainment. I highly recommend other girls DO NOT follow my path, as it leads to many upsets and disasters. At the time of this story, I was 18 years old. It might be kind of long because of the back story to it, but I am hoping my story writing gets better as we go. I had seem my then husband throughout High School a few times before we actually knew each other formally. He went to another High School nearby, but we had friends in common. His name was Eric, he was a white man who was very athletic. He took off to Marine Corps boot camp, and we met when he came back right after that. He was a good looking guy, and kind of the talk amongst friends since he was the first guy to graduate and do something, while everyone else was thinking about college or partying. It was through partying with mutual friends that we formally met, and hit it off. I was fascinated by the uniform, his attitude, his confidence. Guys around him looked up to him, and girls around him were looking at him. ... Naturally, at that age, I was in love. A mutual friend said he thought I was hot, in particular that he liked my boobs. At 18, I was 34 D and weighed about 115 lbs, so I was very used to guys staring or overhearing comments about my boobs. I was still flattered. I knew what I had, and used them to my advantage. We eventually started talking, and I kept catching him staring down my blouse, which I had opened up a bit lower to show off my boobs to him. I knew he wanted me, and I wanted him. I slept with him that same night. We started hooking up and having sex almost daily. I loved how he lusted after me. He could not keep his hands off my boobs of ass, even in public. It felt like an uncontainable love. I had been in a few relationships before that had been similar, as it is common amongst teens, but as always, I was convinced this was love. After a couple of weeks, he went back to California and it was all done. We stayed in touch talking and texting when he could. I missed him a lot and he said he missed me, and it often led to really long conversations over the weekends. He completed some training he had to do, and came back home for a short vacation. We started hooking up again and he proposed. We got married that same week, and eventually flew out to California with him. We got a small military house in Camp Pendleton. I was fascinated with the base, seeing uniforms everywhere and just the totally different landscape from San Antonio. Everything was exciting and exotic about my ...