1. The Fitting

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Anal, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Author: lordcephius, Source: xHamster

    Fitting a gown for the Charity GalaDave and Julie had been inseparable since the sailing date. Dave’s shop was in between yacht restorations and Julie had quit the restaurant job, so nothing competed with their time together. Dave loved the way Julie embraced life, so he took her to all kinds of events and activities just to see the joy on her face.Dave also encouraged her exhibitionism and provided her with additional wardrobe that a young woman with an incredible body could tease others with; miniskirts, daisy duke, and light summer dresses. They were careful to make any flash of skin seem accidental. No overt or blatant exposures, Julie was becoming a master at providing strangers with discrete peeks at her private parts. She gave Dave peeks as well, keeping him hard much of the time. Dave took to wearing absorbent boxers to prevent his leaking erection from causing telltale wet spots. Seeing other’s reactions to her body kept Julie constantly horny. One unanticipated turn-on for Julie was the look on women’s faces if they happen to see Dave’s budge and realize its size. There was no fear that men would take notice because their eyes never left Julie.Julie wanted to explore this new thrill and troll Dave’s erection publicly in front of more women. She asked Dave to go with her to an up-scale mall in the city. Since the stores were predominantly woman’s apparel, a mid-week visit at lunch time would see working women on their meal break and friends shopping and dining ... together. Dave had recently received an invitation to a black tie fund raising ball. This mall would have a selection of formal evening gowns that Julie could pick from in order to attend that gala. They could combine the two purposes.Julie dressed with great care for this adventure. She decided on schoolgirl. A blouse with ruffles on the cuffs and collar, buttoned all the way up and tucked into her waist. It was tailored to show every curve, but not bind tight or gap anywhere. A pleated plaid skirt that belted high on her narrow waist and looked conservatively long because of that but really only came partway down her thighs. A matching tie, correctly knotted, covered her blouse buttons from neck to waist. She wasn’t going for slut or porn star, so her shoes were flat, patent leather black, sensible school shoes. Short socks with lace tops left most of her shapely tanned legs bare. She chose a tiny transparent G string so she could flash her bare butt and wet pussy. The overall look was very proper at a casual glance. It could be an official school uniform. A closer look revealed she was braless and her dark nipples could be seen through the blouse. While normal movement would not allow looks under the skirt, it took little effort for Julie to flash some ass. She wore her hair in two braided pigtails. She also put on large dark rimmed glasses and a small leather backpack to complete the outfit. She applied her makeup to look like an early blooming, well endowed, f******n year ...