1. The Knight and the Acolyte Book 6, Chapter 5: The Changeling's Bride

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    The Knight and the Acolyte Book Six: Heart's Longing Chapter Five: The Changeling's Bride By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Xandra – Black Glass Aerie, The Island of Birds “My husband,” I whispered into Chaun's ears as I lay draped over his body, my naked breasts rubbing into his ebony skin, his cock hard inside me, his seed swirling through my once untouched depths. “Husband?” he asked. “Of course” I giggled. “My love. My husband.” It was so wonderful to say those words, to have finally found my mate. When I danced tonight, I had little hope of attracting a mate. I couldn't transform into a bird, and though I had achieved the age and maturity of an adult, I still had my adolescent name. Xandra. But Chaun didn't care. He looked up at me as I danced before him while my people watched. He accepted my proposal. And then his touch, his cock, his love, filled me with such joy. I had seen others mate during the marriage dance, the only time our people coupled so openly, and sometimes the females do not enjoy it as much as their males. But Chaun... How he made me sing. His hands stroked my back. He traced my spine. I shivered on him, squirming, an eager desire bursting through me. I wanted to mate with him again and again. I had masturbated, but self-pleasure paled compare to him. And he was so handsome, so exotic. My skin seemed so pale compared to his obsidian. He was as black as night, but his hair...silver. Bright and beautiful. Delicate ... ears, a face almost pretty, but so beautiful, and a slim body. He didn't scare me like the other male of his group, the hulking Thrak. Chaun was perfect. “Take me to your nest,” I moaned. “Let us continue loving each other.” “Nest?” he groaned. “Yes, yes, in the guest aerie.” “Right. Room.” I groaned as I slid off his cock. His seed spilled out of me, running down my legs as I stood. The music still played, but the singing low. We were one of the last couples remaining. I spotted my parents. My father nodded his approval. My mother wept as she smiled. They were glad I found someone, even if he was an outsider. I would have to leave with Chaun, just like if I married a male from one of the other aeries. Several males had traveled to our aerie from around the volcano in hopes of finding a bride to take home. I wonder where we would go? What our nest would be like? He took my hand, his fingers delicate. His other hand held up his curious clothing he wore, not a kilt or loin cloth like a male, but the pants the halflings like to wear. And his shirt, draped over his arm, it was so fine, with lacy ruffles around the collar. The singing died down, the festivities ending as Chaun led me to the guest aerie. It was on the same level as the festival area, the largest and lowest ledge in our home. I looked up and spotted several couples flying through the air, celebrating their new marriage. Chaun and I would have to celebrate in our own way. “I think this is it,” Chaun said, leading me ...