1. Zumba Group Class

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Group Sex, Author: NiteHawk086, Source: LushStories

    Two buddies and I play three-on-three basketball together at a private fitness club. Recently Tyler told Keith and me that we all ought to sign up for a new Zumba class. We were like, “No way dude, ain’t taking no dance classes.” He was really persistent though and said, “The instructor is this really hot blonde chick, trust me on this one, guys.” Based on that, we finally acquiesced and put the basketball team on hold for a quarter to give this thing a go. Turns out that only about nine people signed-up since it was a late evening class on a weeknight. So we started going to this, and Tyler was right, this gal was hot. She was kickin’ our asses in this thing and it actually gave a pretty good workout. Plus it was fun, especially watching her lead it. So after the third week, we’re out at the bar having some beers and Tyler lets us in on some insider news. “So guys, you know how I had to twist your arms to get you to do this Zumba thing? Seems like you both are actually liking it, especially with our instructor Jennifer, right? And we all know we like going out to the gent’s club for some fun right?" He continued, "Ok, so two months ago, my girlfriend and I checked out this local swingers' gathering to see what that was like. Later in the evening as we were enjoying ourselves amidst the party goings-on, we went in one of the back bedrooms. There was this hot blonde chick getting gangbanged good by three dudes. Well, I just so happen to know that chick was... yep, Jennifer, ... our Zumba instructor.” “No way dude... Really?!” We exclaimed. “Yeah, so when I saw that list on the wall at the gym, I was thinking we can’t this pass up. You guys in on trying to scope some action? Ok, yeah, I thought so.” With this bit of news, the Zumba class took on a whole new meaning. All three of us were regulars, putting in 110% effort and working up really good sweats. Over the next couple weeks, we all made real friendly with Jennifer, making fun comments during the workouts and having casual conversations before and after the classes. We also noticed she seemed to like the attention and didn’t seem to shy away from it. One night with about three weeks left in the class, a strong storm came through town and not many folks were at the gym. Tyler was there early, saw an opportunity, and closed in on it. He was friends with one of the gym staff, asked him if he could use one of the side rooms that night. He slipped the guy some cash, got the key to the room along with the assurance that no one would come in there until after the gym closed. Keith and I showed up to find just Tyler and Jennifer there chatting among themselves. The weather must have deterred the others because no one else came this night. As were stretching and talking, Tyler gave us a hidden thumbs up, indicating something was up. He told us later that he’d been talking with Jennifer and broached the subject that he recognized her from a local party they’d been at. When he was bold enough to pry a bit ...