1. Nerdy Niece (ch 1?)

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Fiction , Consensual Sex, First Time, Incest / Taboo, Teen, First Time, Author: amsheagar, Source: sexstories.com

    I guess you can say that I'm a bad uncle. But I've always had a thing for my nerdy niece. She was always reading a book or doing something else that put a barrier between her and the world. It just turned me on. I would visit my sisters house sometimes just to see her. I never let my sister know that I had urges for her little girl, but it was something I didn't want to tell her either. I noticed that my niece started to read fantasy books, ones that I'm use to and it brought a smile to my face. I knew how I could get her by myself. When she turned 18, I invited her over for a night and a DnD game. Something to get her out of the house and into my domain. She was nervous that night. There was a bunch of my usual group, 4 guys and only 1 lady. My group was subdue that night, they didn't know how to handle the new addition, since she was my niece and I was the GM. I didn't pull any punches and had them go through a crazy dungeon. There was some adult themes, but I didn't do anything too adult. Kept it rated R but on the tasteful side. The other lady soon started to help my niece in showing her how to do things. They soon teamed up and were getting dirtier than the guys have been. I let this go as it was what I wanted. It took then another hour before they were able to defeat the last boss and gather their rewards. My niece really liked the game and the group invited her back for some more. She said that she would join and continue leveling her ranger. The guys soon said good ... by and left us alone. I told her to grab something to drink out of the fridge while I put on a movie. I was a little shocked when she came back with two beers. I smiled and teased her a little about her age but had her agree that she wouldn't tell her mom about anything tonight. We sat down and started to watch some grown up movies. As the movie moved along, there was a sex scene. I saw her squirm as she was fighting the urge to do something. She glance at me and caught me looking. I told her that she was okay and not to worry. The next movie I put in was a little more grown up. By the time that movie finished, I could tell that she was a little tipsy and wanted some alone time. I slowly reached over to her and put my hand on her leg. She didn't move to have me remove it. So I slowly started to rub her leg. And moved a little closer. I moved closer and slowly leaned in. Kissing her on the lips. I could feel her squirm with nerves. I slowly moved my hand down the front of her pants. And down into her panties. Where I could feel her wetness. I started to rub her womanness. I felt her thrust into my hand. She was enjoying this already. I asked her if she wanted to go to the room and she agreed. Once we arrived, I laid her down on my bed and kissed her lips once more, as my hand moved to unfasten her pants. By now, my manness was hard and ready for some action. But this was my niece, so I wanted to take it slowly. I started to push her pants down. She lifted her but and helped. I ...