1. Home Economics Chapter 01

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Fiction , Authoritarian, Bisexual, Spanking, Trans, Author: A. N. Pervert, Source: sexstories.com

    Home Economics Miss Jordan had been trained as a Home Economics teacher. She watched that career crater around her as it became unfashionable to learn to cook, sew and take care of babies. She got her masters in education and drifted into counseling, and, continuing got her PhD in Education. She was one of the first women in her school district to achieve this milestone. Which was fortunate because, as politics went at the time, the school district was looking to promote women to leadership positions. Due to this fortunate political situation, she found herself Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Operations and Strategic Planning at a very young age, where she was noted for her old-fashioned ideas and respect for tradition. Her family was reasonably wealthy, and, as an only child, she received a nice inheritance to go along with a hefty settlement when they died in a plane crash caused by a faulty tire on the plane they were taking for their annual trip someplace exotic in the world. The particular crash that ended their lives was in Cleveland, OH, where they were looking forward to their trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Miss Jordan was devastated, and ended up taking a leave of absence that turned into her retirement after twenty years service. Her pension was vested, but it wouldn’t start until she was 55, which was, in her mind, OK, because she really didn’t need it immediately and the government being the government, it wasn’t going anyplace, as it might ... have with some private enterprise. An inventory of her possessions included a healthy seven figure investment fund, a further substantial bank balance, her three bedroom, two bath house that she had bought on her teacher’s salary when she’d first started, a sensible four door sedan and an Assistant Superintendent of Schools wardrobe. Given these resources, she spent some time thinking about what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She was in her early forties, still attractive in a girl-next-door kind of way, but no more interested in getting married than she had been twenty years before when she had turned down the High School Basketball coach, who, to be fair, had some sort of dream of the two of them going to some rural school and becoming big fish in a little pond. It just wasn’t for her. She’d had a couple of reasonably healthy sexual relationships since then, but they wound down. Her life, in short, was at a crossroads. What did she really, really want to do? Her dream was to teach Home Economics, which she had started out to do 21 years before, but modern young women just weren’t interested, and figuring out the logistics of such a thing was difficult, if not impossible. She couldn’t think of a way to do it. So she did what a school teacher ought to do, she started getting all the information she could about who was looking for an education in sewing, cooking, and the myriad of little tasks necessary for a well-run home. She exhausted the resources of the public ...