1. Potential Part 19

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: True Story , Incest / Taboo, Teen, Teen, Group Sex, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: BiStander, Source: sexstories.com

    Hello readers: I'd like to extend my greatest appreciation to those who read this and give feedback or at least make a comment. To the trolls who open this just to click thumbs down, seriously are you that pitiful? If you make it to the end of this chapter, get your ass to the comments section and give me feedback. Remember, this is a learn as I go hobby. I have no fuckin' idea what I'm doing. Read and enjoy, that's why I do this. P o t e n t i a l by Bistander Chapter 19 Willpower The feed from the security camera activated the open window on Candy's monitor. She was relieved to see Evan's car coming up the driveway. He had been gone longer than Candy imagined it would take to mow two lawns, but she had no idea how big the yards were or whose they were. Tonya hadn't said which of her friends she had referred Evan to, and Candy hadn't wanted to seem suspicious, so she didn't ask. Tonya had some single friends who might want more than a massage if one had been mentioned. Candy closed the app and stood up. She was as prepared as she would ever be. It was time to make things right. She had put Evan and herself in a dangerous situation. Now, she needed to stop acting like a jealous girl and be an adult, and mother to her stepson. Wasn't that her responsibility? Evan finished undressing as instructed. His mother had been in the kitchen when he came home, and it wasn't happenstance. She had been waiting for him, dressed the way she was supposed to be, conservatively. Her facial ... expression was the one he had expected when he went to her room the previous day. It was that of a mother about to tell their child something grave. The tone of his mother's voice was stern, and her words clearly presented the facts. Closure, wasn't that what he'd wanted? There was a dirt ring around the top of his boxers and dry grass stuck to Evan's skin. His socks were striped green and white where they had been bunched up around his ankles. Two lawns had turned into three when Miss Tonya's second referral, Mrs. Westclox, sent him, with her lawn mower, to the neighbor's house. The Polar's lawn mower had been broken for three weeks, and that had been apparent to Evan. It had been very charitable of Mrs. Westclox towards her neighbors, but the extra forty bucks she gave him wasn't enough for the time and effort it took to mow down their jungle. He dropped his clothes in the washing machine because his mother didn't want them to stink up the bathroom. She told him to take them off in the laundry area, then she said, “I'll wash them,” like that was her job. He spilled gas on his jeans, why shouldn't he wash them? He felt like kicking something. His mother was sorry. It was her fault, and she wanted everything to go back to normal. When he tried to take some of the blame, she rejected him outright. All the fault laid on her, and she needed him to forgive her. For Evan, it was hard to forgive a person for something he did. He kissed her, and he had enjoyed it. His mother told him ...