1. Mother-in-law-to-be 'Test Drives' Me

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: byMrsJ, Source: Literotica

    My knock on the door was answered, unusually, by my fiancée's Mum, Ros. "Oh Tim," she gushed. "Do come in. It's so wonderful to see you again." I stepped in the door and Ros offered me her cheek to kiss, and then she gave me an unexpectedly substantial hug. "I'm so excited," she quickly continued. "Only 24 days until you and Jen get married, and I'll then have the most wonderful son-in-law imaginable," she enthused. "You probably won't be quite as excited having me as your mother-in-law, though!" Ros added cheekily. Over the past few months, Ros and I have developed a close rapport. I appreciate her humour, she appreciates mine. And I probably couldn't be inheriting a more supportive mother-in-law. "I guess by marrying Jen I'll be marrying a package of both you and her," I retorted. "And, I must add, I'm not complaining about that at all. You know I really like you!" By now Ros was heading to the kitchen. "Let me get you a beer, you gorgeous man, you gorgeous son-in-law-to-be," she said as she opened the fridge, handing me a beer and taking out a bottle of white wine before pouring herself a glass. "Oh," she continued, almost as an afterthought. "Jenny rang a few minutes ago. She tried to call you but couldn't reach you. She's been asked to work a second shift, so she asked me to explain, say sorry that she you won't be able to join you for dinner tonight, and she has asked me to look after you." "So I've promised her that I'll do just that!" We moved to the living room ... engaging in a bit more banter, a bit more small-talk, before Ros informed me "You've really been wonderful to Jenny. Extraordinarily understanding, extraordinarily patient. You must be just absolutely aching to get into her pants and be absolutely desperate to shoot your cum." I just nodded. Ros was alluding to the fact that Jen was still a virgin and, therefore, she and I have yet to have sex. There was certainly no question that I was absolutely aching to 'get into Jen's pants,' as Ros put it, but what Ros didn't know...and what Jen certainly didn't know...was that I was regularly 'shooting my cum' into Jen's best friend, into Jen's chief bridesmaid-to-be, Sarah. So whilst waiting until that day, now just 24 days away, when Jen would experience that incredible once-in-a-lifetime feeling of a hard-on being thrust up her virgin hole - and thereafter being committed to a lifetime of receiving regularly fucks from me – I was being 'well looked after,' in the best possible way, by her best friend Sarah. "Let me fetch you another beer," Ros volunteered as she disappeared to the kitchen again, simultaneously refilling her glass. She returned and handed the beer to me. "I told Jen I would look after you today, and this is how," she exclaimed as she hoisted her skirt high above her waist, revealing that she was wearing no undies. Ros' words were delivered simply as a statement, not as an invitation. Ros stood there, absolutely naked from the waist down, giving me a full-frontal view of ...