1. Awakenings Ch. 49

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Cuckold, Author: goodhusband, Source: LushStories

    The next morning, after breakfast, Abby went home. That evening her husband needed her for an important business dinner. It wasn't a hardship. Abby loved Luther and Luther loved Abby. In their own way they cared for each other and they always supported each other. Saturday night Rhonda, the woman I met at Morton's Cafe and her husband, Robbie came over for dinner and a little excitement. After dinner we moved into the living room for the excitement. That night Jeanne was supposed to be the cuckold and I was supposed to be the “hot husband”. That didn't last long. Jeanne is not a voyeur. She prefers active participation. Jeanne and Rhonda's husband Robbie were sitting in the chairs occupied by David and me the previous evening. They were watching Rhonda and me make out on the couch. As I was unbuttoning Rhonda's blouse, Jeanne slipped over to Robbie's chair and sat on his lap. Still watching Rhonda and me she started rubbing Robbie's crotch. Robbie didn't object. After a moment Jeanne looked at Rhonda and me and said. “Excuse me.” I had Rhonda's blouse unbuttoned and I was unclasping her brassier. We stopped and looked at Jeanne. She asked, “Rhonda would you mind if I unzipped your husband's trousers and took out his cock. It's nice and hard and it feels like it wants to come out and play.” Rhonda burst out laughing. I started chuckling. So did Robbie. After a moment Rhonda said, “I'm certain Robbie's cock would love to come out and play and Jeanne he's been staring at your ... tits since we got here. I think he'd love to open your blouse and take off your bra.” Robbie was grinning sheepishly. Jeanne french kissed Robbie's ear and whispered, “Would you like that baby? Do you want to play with my tits while we watch my husband fuck your wife?” Robbie's breath caught. Still chuckling, Rhonda said, “I think you can take that as a big yes. My sweetie is definitely a breast man.” Jeanne giggled. “Mine too.” She quickly removed her blouse and bra and then she unzipped Robbie's pants and took out his erect cock. At the same time, Rhonda slipped out of her blouse, shook off her brassiere and said, “Baby, the four of us are going to have so much fun tonight.” She started unbuckling my belt. As Rhonda opened my trousers and took out my cock I watched my wife slide off of Robbie's lap, kneel between his legs and take his erection into her mouth. Rhonda whispered, “Your wife loves to suck cocks, doesn't she.” I nodded. “So do I.” She bent over, kissed the head of my engorged penis and slipped it into her mouth. It turned into a memorable evening. Afterward, as we were relaxing, Jeanne told Rhonda and Robbie about our Friday night group. They were both excited by the concept and eagerly accepted Jeanne's invitation to join us on the following Friday. Monday morning I returned to work. My extended vacation had come to an end. By lunch time I'd confirmed what I had already suspected. Ruth, Jason and Bernie Kyle were doing an outstanding job running the firm. After ...